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 The Curse

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Invader Zim
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PostSubject: The Curse    The Curse  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2010 3:30 pm


The movie begins in a video editing room, where a voiceover narrator briefly describes Masafumi Kobayashi, a paranormal expert who produced a series of books and movies on supernatural activity around Japan. The movie then explains that he disappeared in the process of making his greatest and most disturbing film yet, The Curse, and the aforementioned movie begins to play.

The movie begins with Kobayashi's investigation of a woman named Junko Ishii and her unnamed son, brought about when Kobayashi was contacted by her next-door neighbour. Soon after Kobayashi makes his first visit, however, Ishii moves out of the apartment, and the neighbours that contacted Kobayashi die in a freak car accident. Ishii is not seen or mentioned until the film's denoument.

The first half of the movie then depicts a steadily unfurling series of seemingly unrelated events, including the disappearance of a psychic child, a Television personality making complex loops of string in her sleep, a massKilling where the participants hang by similarly knotted string, and many more equally bizarre occurrences.

The multitude of events do not seem to have any commonality to one another, until the second part of the movie begins. Here, it becomes apparent that all of the events relate to a mysterious entity known only as Kagutaba.

Kobayashi's quest to find the truth brings him to a regional area of Nagano, where many years prior a very religious town once stood. The town performed an annual ritual to contain Kagutaba, until it was demolished to construct a dam.

As the movie comes to a close, each character's relationship with Kagutaba becomes apparent, and the many individual stories and narrative threads draw to a single climactic conclusion.

True to the movie's tagline, Everybody dies, most of the primary cast dies by the conclusion of the film. After Kobayashi's film has ended, we return to the video editing room, where the voiceover continues that Kobayashi and his family were killed in a fire mere days after the events of the film. In addition, several other characters have since died in bizarre and unexplainable methods, including one character being found in a ventilation shaft.

The voiceover then announces that footage from Kobayashi's camera was anonymously mailed to a television station, and this footage is then played. It depicts Kobayashi and his wife eating dinner with the son of Junko Ishii, whose name is still unknown. After a series of events more heard than seen (thanks to the disorienting movement of the camera), the camera stabilises to show Kobayashi's wife, apparently under curse or possession, casually light herself on fire, as Junko Ishii's son leaves the room.

The voiceover then announces that Kobayashi's wife was found in the remains of the burnt-down house, but neither Kobayashi nor the mysterious boy have been seen. The film ends ambiguously here, with a short clip from the film's chilling climax quickly flashing onto the screen followed immediately by the credits.

In my opinion this film is dusturbing and who on earth is Kagutaba's true identy.....Is  Kagutaba responcible for this?! Of course he is but all we know is this "A chaotic entity once used as a tool by a village of shamans, it stopped cooperating at some point, forcing the villagers to perform an annual ritual to bind it underground. It has no definite shape (although its influence is felt everywhere), but when it manifests itself physically... well, let's just say it makes for one of the most horrifying endings of any film EVER."

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The Curse
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