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 Outbreak of terror

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Outbreak of terror Empty
PostSubject: Outbreak of terror   Outbreak of terror Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 2:05 pm

Outbreak of terror

Zim’s Base, Night, inside

(We see Zim testing out all these chemicals. Eventually we see he decides on a chemical and continues his experiment. Then he sees a flash of light and suddenly some one appears)

Zim: ….My Lords?

Almighty Tallest Purple: Well were in a hurry.

Zim: Ok what did you get yourself into this time?

Almighty Tallest Red: we had to activate the Teleportation shift so we wouldn’t get found.

Zim: I’ll try to contact some one who knows about this material………OK WHICH ONE OF YOU IS MAKE THAT SMELLL!!!!!

GIR: Sorry sir, the oysters are making my breath like that.

(Zim pauses and go’s to call someone)


Almighty Tallest Red: is this the place where you told them to meet you at.

Zim: Look this is the most secretive place I could think of… any better ideas!?

Almighty Tallest Purple: I’m Hungry.

(Suddenly some one appears it’s……. Zirodech)

Zirodech: Ok you’d like to see what will take us to the city of Metropilosis.

Zim: yes go on.

Zirodech: ok this is my ship it’s even armed with every weapon imaginable.

(Suddenly a robot is activated it looks kind of like Moguera….However the resemblance is vague)

Gumborg: Please identify yourselves…..Scanning…..Hello everyone I am Gumborg.

(Everyone gets into the spaceship and makes there take off)

(They turn the radio. Eventually they continue though space and eventually someone sinister shows up on the broadcaster. It is a large, fat blue alien who is very fat and left arm is replaced with a metal one.)

Orophious: you Irkens don’t know when to give up do you!

Zim: and you’re?

GIR: This shows boring me where’s the cartoons?

Orophious: Lord Orophious of the Hadromessoic Radonfoen.Γ14 (NOTE: the End it pronounced dot gamma fourteen.)……ATTACK!!!!

(Everyone tries to hold off the fleet a blast knocks Zirodech off his feet and activates a device and everyone is teleported.)

The Massive, Inside

Zirodech: man…..that was close!

Zim: My Tallest who exactly is this Orophious?

Almighty Tallest Purple: he’s the most wanted criminal in the galaxy he’s been bounty hunted for years.

Almighty Tallest Red: He has committed every crime against the Irkens. Were about to attend a meeting with the People Republic of the Pinjassic Territory discussing what to do about him.

Gumborg: Arriving to destination right now.


(To those who have never Visited Metropilosis it looks like New Earth from Doctor Who. The People Republic of the Pinjassic Territory look like near humans…..But their skin was Chalk White like the Irken Empire they had with them three other aliens with them they were…….Minimoose, ROBOT, and a red skinned alien that wore a black Jumpsuit and wore robotic Gauntlets with them)


Zim: I’m hallucinating right….

(The red alien walked up them and shook hands with Zirodech)

Skitzmon: I am Skitzmon of the mighty warrior species known as the Xennog.

Zirodech: I’m Zirodech of the Zekklom.

(A one of the women walks up to the tallest)

Almighty Tallest Red: We are Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple….You are?

President Wakapon: President Wakapon of the Pinjassic Territories we will discuss what to do with Orophious.

(As everyone walks away we see a shadow of someone……or something watching the situation the whole time.)

Meeting building, inside

(We wait for sometime eventually the council made up their mind)

Almighty Tallest Red: we have made up our mind to destroy Orophious at all cost for our people’s sake.

Zim: we have to locate this guy.

(Looking at scanner he then finds the location.)

Zim: he’s on this planet……

(We see a bright blue alien that looks robotic and organic at the same time)

Alien Biligar: That is correct disbelievers! I Am Bio-android Alien Biligar and this is the end of you all.

(The Android fires a blast destroying some equipment and many other things.)

Gumborg: all creatures that attack are to be considered enemy of this body and to be destroyed.

(As everyone escapes Gumborg fights Alien Biligar for along time eventually Gumborg grabs the Android and impales him against the wall several times. He them incremented the Alien Biligar with an energy beam.)

Gumborg: Target Exterminated! Mission Complete!

Outside the building

(We see an army of robots built by Orophious they run to attack everyone but Zim, GIR, ROBOT, Skitzmon, Zirodech, And the Almighty Tallest fight them off successfully. However Skitzmon is very tired. Eventually A huge Robot shows up and starts attacking the city.)

Zim: This is getting very surreal.

GIR: I want to go home.


(we see all these people fleeing while the Irken Military shows up to fight off the smaller robots we see This Invader fight some of them off.)

The Invader-Marshal: And you are….

(The woman pauses)

Azure: Invader Azure reporting.

The Invader-Marshal: Good just Fight off the rest of them.

Azure: Yes Sir.


(We see a very tired Skitzmon walking back to a building and takes out some kind of alien device)

Skitzmon: Jarvrik please….Don’t fail me now.

(He shoots it resizing a huge kaiju that has a vague resemblance to the monster Gomora. Jarvrik Walks towards the giant robot and prepares to do battle with it.)

(Towards the end off the battle Jarvrik rips the giant robot’s arm off and smashes it. Eventually Orophious comes out wondering what has happened.)

Orophious: how could my plan fail so easily….. (He turns and sees everyone charging an energy beam) Holy Co…


(Everyone cheers as everyone leaves we see Zirodech, Skitzmon, ROBOT, Gumborg, and Minimoose talking about something.)

Zirodech: How about we fight like this more often.

Narrator: And that started the EDF (Extraterrestrial Defense Force)!

(as everyone appears they strike “cool” poses)

Skitzmon-The Leader

Zirodech-Second in command/ The Smart Guy

Gumborg and Jarvrik- the big guy

ROBOT & Minimoose- Tagalong people

(Music stops)

Zim’s Base

Zim: GIR what are doing with those devices?!

GIR: Trying to fix the TV.

(Zim clicks a button repairing the TV and gets back to working in the lower base.)



.Gumborg was inspired by seeing this concept art

. New Earth Looks like this

.Gomora looks like this
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Outbreak of terror
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