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 The heatwave

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The heatwave Empty
PostSubject: The heatwave   The heatwave Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 8:04 am

The Heat wave

Zim’s base, day, inside

(We see GIR looking for Zim until he climbs on the roof he sees Zim……Sunning himself he also has the radio on)

GIR: What’s that?

(Zim is wearing nothing except his disguise and a pair of shorts. He then notices GIR, he jumps and turns the radio on lower volume down.)

Zim: Why I’m sunning myself.

GIR: How come sir?

Zim: I have two good reasons Number 1. There a heat wave and Number 2. I maybe starting to loose my Lime-Green hue.

GIR: I Like candy! Wait….Heat wave?

Zim: oh yeah they said it on the weather channel.

GIR: there’s a weather channel?


GIR: what exactly is a heat wave?

Zim: it’s when heat rises in one area.

GIR: does it have any bad side effects o Irkens like you?

Zim: no but if one disguise is holographic and not operating in may cause glitches, like two disguises at once?

GIR: Like the one that scary woman who wanted your mission used? How exactly were involved in that mess?

Zim: The human’s version of love is so trivial and pathetic. No more “ape” love for Zim! Just pretending to love Tak when she first came was HORRI- I mean... Not that I... Didn't know that she was an Irken.... Zim knew along. I just had to... play along, so that... stuff wouldn't... happen. The entire mess was unprovoked attack. I think she was killed in the drift. Let’s see what going on down town. (Before they leave Zim puts his uniform back on)

(Zim and GIR walk downtown as they see various signs advertising cleaning products and various other products.)

Zim: we need more junk!

GIR (robotic): yes sir!

(Zim and GIR carry all this space junk home)

Zim: I can’t do another mile of that stuff.

GIR: can I have chocolate now?

(Suddenly all these robots ambush the place Zim and GIR destroy all them)


GIR: these robots taste like tacos! I LIKE THEM!!!

(Eventually Zim and GIR fight their way to the robot’s UFO Floating over them and get inside it.)

Zim: I forgot to mention some types of robots are disturbed by heat waves?

(They infiltrate the ship fight off many robots and get into the center. However a huge boiler-like is at the end of the their way)

Zim: It’s smashing time!

(They fight the robot for a long time and eventually blow him up along with the ship. Zim and GIR jump out of the Ship as pieces of metal fly everywhere)

Zim: now let’s get back to what were doing.

Give/take 70ft away from the Gamma star cloud, Los-Helios, day

(Where at the out skirts of town at some store that says Skarkash’s parts someone rings a bell signaling a Lizard-like creature to come out wearing an advanced robotic Hazmat suit. We can’t see his customer however)

Skarkash: Hello I am Skarkash the owner of this store. Hello stranger you look like that guy who helped those archeology folk.

Stranger (surprisingly it had a very slight accent): What did he look like?

Skarkash: he was a little bigger than you he wore a different uniform had different eye color, and lacked…. What ever that thing is. How can I help you?

Stranger: I need you to repair something.

(the stranger take out a bag and a robot comes out (a SIR unit) it had a large claw it had blue eyes and a swirl in the middle)

Stranger: I need you to fix the data tank.

Skarkash: It will only take a few minutes.



.Zim briefly mentions good day weather

.the robot scene was based off fight movies
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The heatwave
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