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 The Dilemma

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Dilemma Empty
PostSubject: The Dilemma   The Dilemma Icon_minitimeFri Aug 20, 2010 10:53 am

The Dilemma

Zim’s base, Night, inside

Zim: OK let’s try this again! Night of the Living Humans act 4 scene 5….Ready on set!

GIR: Ok!

Zim: ACTION!!! You’ll never take me alive I have the weapon technology!

(Suddenly the Holo-phone rings. Zim goes over to pick it up we can’t here what he is saying.)

Zim: see you soon. GIR!!! We need to get to the space station!

GIR: Yes my lord!

Space station, meeting room

Zim: I came my Tallest! It better not be one of those problems with the shopping

Almighty Tallest Purple: It’s not that type of problem can’t you here the music in the background? While you guys talk I’m going to eat dinner.

Zim: yes it sounds evil.

Almighty Tallest Red: what do you know about Harlem Zentradi?

Zim: hologram please! (Suddenly a hologram of a tall blue creature with a large head, a body covered in armor and a cape) Harlem Zentradi was an intergalactic criminal 7 thousand years ago and was thrown in a prison made from Minus-energy.

Almighty Tallest Red: How can he be alive today?


Zim: that’s because Minus-energy although harmless when put in a room it causes a space time flux making 7 thousand years be like 7 years. Harlem is always with his butler Zirodech (we see a hologram of a purple alien with a tall thin head, dressed in typical butler clothes, and blue eyes.)

Almighty Tallest Red: you’re mission is to stop or kill Harlem Before he messes up Titan-4

Almighty Tallest Purple: OH!!! Get some snacks while you’re at it!

Zim: I shall do it my Tallest but why is Titan-4 so important?

Almighty Tallest Purple: Well it’s a great resort and it is home to the great sage known as Bali! He’s rumored to be 4 million years old!

Titan-4, day, outside

(To those who have never been to Titan-4 it has an orange sky, the environment is mostly Jungle like, and it has many temples that look like they are from India.)

Zim: Well this looks like a good place to have a vacation.

(Two Irkens walk over to Zim. They are dressed in clothes as if they are visiting Hawaii, One is slender and has orange eyes, and the other is round and has blue eyes. They take pictures of Zim and GIR)

Zip (the slender one): Hey there who are you?

Henford (the round one): Can we get his Photo!?

Zim: I’m Invader Zim and this is my robot GIR.

Zip: INVADER ZIM?! I’ve heard a lot about you. I better tell my wife, Pez about this.

Henford: smile for the camera!

(The camera flashes)

Zim: I need your help to defeat Harlem Zentradi and His butler Zirodech. Can you help?

(As they talk we see Zirodech he clicks a button a hologram of Harlem appears he is taking a shower)

Zirodech (he speaks in a very slight British accent): Oh…was I interrupting something?

Harlem (he speaks in scary voice): ZIRODECH!!!!

Zirodech: I just want to let you know that everything is going as planed sir.


Titan-4, Jungle, day

(Meanwhile Zim and GIR defend Zip and Henford as the Two Irkens lead them to Bali. Eventually Zim, GIR, Zip, and Henford make it some kind of temple)

Zim: so Bali can help?

Zip: I think so he helped me and Henford several times.

GIR & Henford: WE LIKE SNACKS!!!!

(Suddenly the door of the temple opens and the 4 friends walk in and see Bali, he was a short black skinned alien, with monkey like facial and body features and a Halo above his head.)

Bali: Are you two Zim and GIR?

Zim: well yes. But don’t expect something like an autograph from us.


Bali: pleased to meet you.

Zim: that was not the reaction I was expecting.

Bali: I am Bali as you know. I was formerly from the planet Signul-7, in Nebula-137 and a member of the Vanars.
I eventually went on a quest for enlightenment and even met the Precursors they gave me advanced mental powers. I eventually immigrated to Titan-4. I like this place.

Zim: could you help us with our Harlem problem.

Bali: yes and I don’t need bribery.

Zim: YES!!!

(As they walk outside we see all these Irkens getting sucked into green balls and into a vacuum shaped machine)

Zim: This is worse than those Angol attacks that happened to all those planets 4 thousand years ago! What on earth is Harlem doing?


Harlem: Not so fast! You’re next!

(Bali teleports Zim, GIR and Himself out of the area)


Henford: I don’t like this!

(Suddenly they are captured in green Balls and heading out of the atmosphere)

Zip & Henford: WE REGREAT NOTHING!!!!


(We see Bali, GIR, and Zim in the Voot Runner and head to Harlem’s huge ship when they enter we see all these pod the Irkens are contained in)

Zim: Are you thinking what I’m thinking!

(Bali nods. They then hit a button teleporting every Irken to Titan-4. As Zim does this Bali holds off the guards by battling them eventually Harlem enters the room and battles Bali eventually Harlem hit Bali with a huge beam and Bali falls to the ground…….Bali is….. Dead. Zim succeeds in teleporting everyone to the ground.)

Zim (enraged): IT’S PAYBACK TIME!!!!

GIR (robotic): YES MY LORD!!!

(This long fight breaks out and eventually Zim and Harlem are wearing oxygen helmets and are in space)

Harlem: Zirodech activate cannon pilot!

Zirodech: Yes sir by the way you put the “wit” in “twit”.

(As the attack continues eventually Harlem is heading for the space ship)

Harlem: is this the end of Harlem Zentradi!?

Zim: YES!!!

(Harlem is KOed and is left lying on the ground as the ship collides with the bigger ship)

Zim: we better get back to the Voot Runner!

Zirodech: YES!!! I’m Free of that egomaniac! Take me with you!

Zim: WHAT?!

Zirodech: I only took the job just for money. That egomaniac drives me up the wall.

(Zim, GIR, and their new friend Zirodech make a getaway to the Voot Runner as the ship collides with the bigger ship and…)


(It killed Harlem Zentradi in the processes eventually the 3 get back to Titan-4 and see the Irkens including Zip and Henford partying Zirodech joins the party)

Zim: were going home see you soon!




.Bali is based on the concept of Indian wise men.

.there the explosion is a reference to star wars

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The Dilemma
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