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 The Henchman's robot

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Henchman's robot Empty
PostSubject: The Henchman's robot   The Henchman's robot Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 8:32 am

The Henchman’s Robot

Zim’s base, day, control room

Zim: My latest experiments have been done!


Minimoose: *squeaks*

GIR: question is what it does?

(Zim looks at GIR if he said something really weird)

Zim: well its notTetsuo: The Iron Man! it’s my super implosion device (the closest thing it looks is a glowing green light bulb.) Currently I’m studying implosion!

(GIR and Minimoose accidently drop that but Zim catches it quickly)

Zim: Don’t if you do that the planet will implode you half do deactivate first. (Zim quickly presses a large blue button the light bulb and it gives a normal glow) Just when did I go wrong with the building. I put the right circuitry, even a complete idiot could do it!

GIR: hey that gives me an idea

Minimoose: *squeak*

GIR: I mean Building a robot.



GIR: ok all we need to do throw some spare parts into this machine and we get our results.


GIR: I agree, I hope it’s a Boy too although a girl would be nice.

(They throw all these robot parts and click a button actuating the machine it shakes for a long time and eventually a robot comes out. It looks like a cross between a bike and a trash can)

Minimoose: *squeak*

GIR: YAY! What should name him!?

Minimoose: *squeak*

ROBOT:*bleep, click.*

GIR: ROBOT sounds like a good name.


ROBOT:*bleep, click*

GIR: ok son you task is to simply wash the dishes

(ROBOT does this but eventually he goes berserk and starts to clean too many dishes. It resulted in a HUGE mess.)

Zim: GIR I though I told you not to clean……..What is that!?

GIR: he’s my very own robot. He’s like a son to me
Zim:….Ok just don’t let him….Where did he go.

(ROBOT takes all these things with him that likes….. including the implosion device.)


GIR: what should we do Minimoose!?

Minimoose: *squeak*

GIR: Your right he’s our little guy we better help capture him!

Cities park, day, outside

(Zim, GIR, and Minimoose start look for the robot)
Zim: the device ran out of batteries so the search is less desperate.

GIR: I want snacks.

(Eventually GIR and Zim spots ROBOT and chase him they however fall of a cliff when ROBOT sees this he extends his claws to help them and hoist them back up but it badly damages him)

GIR:*bursts into tears*


(robots entire life flashes before his eyes he sees his memories and various things he did today)

Zim’s base, night, inside

Zim: there he’s fixed

ROBOT:*Click, bleep*

(ROBOT then produces a space ship and takes Minimoose with him and leaves)

Zim: I’m proud of your little guy.

GIR: can I have dinner now?

(Zim looks at GIR as if he said something really weird)



.The episode has a couple references to the Robot’s robot

.Zim makes a brief reference to the Japanese horror film Tetsuo the iron man
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The Henchman's robot
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