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 Mr.Huggies hollywodd scam

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Mr.Huggies hollywodd scam  Empty
PostSubject: Mr.Huggies hollywodd scam    Mr.Huggies hollywodd scam  Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 8:38 am

Mr.Huggies Hollywood scam

Narrator: then Zim and GIR went to Hollywood to find a relaxing break

Zim: what will happen next?

Some building in Hollywood

Mr.Huggy: hello kids its Me Mr.Huggy

(No one is even there. He thinks for a long time then he gets a idea)

Mr.Huggy: Hollywood!

Hollywood, outside, night

Zim: Hollywood! In this place nothing can go wrong!

GIR: I like pie!

(Suddenly Zim and GIR are mowed down by a limo carrying Mr.Huggy)

Zim: That fat dinosaur! Just what is he up to this time!?

Mr.Huggy: hello America I’m here for the Oscar awards

Zim: The Oscar awards…..That guy would never win! Let’s check his office.

Mr.Huggies office

Zim: GIR did you find anything

GIR: no but I ate all the food in the fridge.


GIR: I don’t know…

(Zim accidently smashes open a door where we see all these tubes inside the tubes was a Mr.Huggy. the room is dark except for purple lights)
Zim: is this even going to happen? But, this explains a lot.

GIR: ooooo….

Zim: According to my knowledge Mr.Huggy started in the 1940’s and was put in pretty life threatening situations. It even explains how he survived everything. I wonder what’s on the other side. Of that door…..I HOPE IT’S A IRKEN GAME SYSTEM!!!!

(Zim and GIR open the door and see a strange room with a television set and a CD. Zim Puts the CD in the television set and suddenly)

Mr.Huggy: hello kids it’s me Mr.Huggy! I’m going to bug the Oscar awards and if that doesn’t work then I’m going to attack everyone!

Zim: that plan has so much simplicity!

Oscar awards, inside, night

Announcer: and the winner is…..

Mr.Huggy: please be me

Announcer: (he names some person who is not Mr.Huggy.)

Mr.Huggy: Time For plan B



Zim: You’re under arrest for this!

(Zim and GIR shows everyone the evidence)

Zim: and what do you have to say for yourself

(Suddenly SWAT officers show up Mr.Huggy runs out and escapes he then makes a home in some paradise suddenly a giant Zim and GIR stare at the audience. The entire “happy ending” was a day-dream in reality Mr.Huggy was Arrested by the SAWT and he is really sitting in a jail cell)

GIR: why is he smiling?

Zim: all he has to wait is a few years. Let’s go home

Voot-Cruiser, inside

Zim: now then on the way home…


(Zim notices the alien phone and the cord suddenly goes to his face he listens)

Zim: hello

Invader-Marshal: hello. We would need you for this event!

Zim: ok. Where should we meet you?

Irk, Some Military base, inside.

Invader-Marshal: On Irk

(We see a shadow of what appears to be a SIR Unit)



. This plays when the Mr.Huggy shows starts

.This plays when Zim and GIR walkthrough Hollywood

.The scene with the Mr.Huggy clones is a spoof on alien resurrection

.This is when the clones are founded

.This plays when Zim and GIR confront Mr.Huggy

.the jail scene parodies the ending of the film Brazil

. The ending music

. the ending parodies the ending of the doctor who episode the beast bellow
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Mr.Huggies hollywodd scam
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