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 Neglus Raids again

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Neglus Raids again Empty
PostSubject: Neglus Raids again   Neglus Raids again Icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 8:43 am

Neglus Raids Again

Town harbor, day, underwater

(The camera moves slowly to a under sea rift in the ground at the bottom lies this rock. The rock is absorbing some kind of strange energy perhaps nuclear. The rock twitches and cracks to reveal it is some kind of giant prehistoric lizard. We then hear a loud roar)

The Massive, Inside

Zim: That is my report for today my Tallest. (His report lasted 3 hours so the Tallest look very bored or tired) One more thing…

Almighty Tallest Red & Purple: WHAT?!

Zim: I would like you to find out Data that tells the Status of a New recruit Known as Zaz (NOTE: in the culture of the Irkens Zaz is male given name)

Almighty Tallest Red & Purple: Very well…

(The screen Zim’s on turns off)

Almighty Tallest Purple: you know I wish that guy would make his reports short and simple.

Zim’s Base, day, inside, control room
(Someone clicks the door bell)


Zim: I didn’t order any thing through the mail.

He opens the door and sees a robot delivery man

Robot: This package is for you

GIR: Yay…What is it?

Robot: It was some food supplies and Some CDs

(After the robot gives the package Zim closes the door)

Zim: Where did you get that money?!

GIR: no comment

Zim: (activates the scanner) hmm….there’s something in the trench near a distant island
Island, day, outside

Zim: Wow this island is very big.

Some Kid: Hey Sir Can I have some money.

Zim: (gives him a CD) here

Some Kid: Sumodo (NOTE: in the culture of the Irkens Sumodo is a female given name) ?! What type of CD is this?!

Zim: how about I smack you upside your head!

Some Kid on second thought I guess I’ll keep it.

(After the kid leaves the same Lizard as before shows up and starts to attacks. It was 80 meters tall and 100 meters long. It was red, had a long neck and tail, sharp claws and teeth, and a horn on the nose.)

GIR: I saw a squirrel!

Zim:..GIR now is not the time to fool around. RUN for your lives it’s that Neglus!

(Suddenly the Military shows up and blast the Neglus with missiles and other weapons but Neglus is still standing a scale falls off and Zim takes it and gets the Voot Cruiser)

Zim: How Dare that animal takes my mission! I will test the scale out and then I shall present the data

City, day, outside

(While Zim and GIR are at their base Neglus proceeds to attack the city he destroys many building. Suddenly he sees a balloon of Mr.Huggy then Neglus rips the balloon open and looks into a hospital window)

Mr.Huggy: Wow….

(Then Neglus tilts his whip-like tail and smacks it into the building of the hospital)

Zim’s base, day, inside, control room

Zim: (takes out some kind of alien projector) for the report on this Neglus research the following was found out (he changes the side to a picture of Cretaceous period) apparently this Neglus is from the Cretaceous period and fell through a crack in an inland sea that is now our harbor. (The sidle changes) The remaining nuclear waste was sucked into the monsters body.

Computer: What other life forms were native during prehistory.

Zim: Well the following life is Endangered, extinct, or rare today, and in origin are alien. They included the Great race of Zil, the Mondoshawan (pronounced "Mon-do-SHEE-wan”), and even the ancient and terrible Angolan. About Neglus I have found out that he may be invincible to human technology, but he can be easily harmed by Irken technology.

City, day, outside

(Neglus continues attacking the city until he sees the Voot Cruiser)

Zim: I have had enough of this copy cat! He is only capable of animal cunning….Surrender and DIE!

GIR: I like pie (he turns on the radio which plays a completely unepic song as Zim proceeds to blast/bomb after some time later Neglus is badly hurt and grown as he flees)


(he continues to blast the snot out of him only the fires are more powerful and Neglus gives a roar completely differently from the rest and collapses and his horn falls off…..Neglus is……dead and his body vanishes in thin air. Al it left was a puddle of acid which dissolves the a amusement park that is about open, however the acid vanishes after the explosion)

Prof. Membrane: Awwman! Now I can’t open that science amusement park.

Man in the crowd: But Neglus is dead….but what killed him?

Prof. Membrane: There many mysteries in the world but this is one will never known.

Zim’s base, night, inside

Zim: I’m still wondering about Little Zaz I’m wondering if the tallest found out the question earlier in this episode.

Computer: How come you asked that question?

Zim: He was a good friend, we had a bit of a farther/son relationship I told the little boy everything I knew. This happened I was an Intelligence officer working for a platoon on the planet Gasgriss….Gosh I Miss Zaz.

Computer: incoming transmission from the Massive

Almighty Tallest Red: we have the status of the kid you mentioned. He was promoted to the rank of Private 2nd Class.

Zim: thank you my Tallest.

GIR: I’m going make waffles!

(Zim the turns and gets back to experimenting with some kind of materials and chemicals)


The Platoon personals

Sergeant Groth

Gender: Male

Job: the big boss/Ideal Irken platoon leader. The type that is powerful, strictly no-nonsense in battle, and gravely intimidating (even to Zim).

Eye color: Dark red

Identified by: Bulky body, uniform with badges on it, And a large facial scar.

Captain Diz

Gender: male

Job: second in command and sniper that highly dangerous.

Eye color: Blue

Identified by: a little slim and is mostly carrying a projectile weapon

Lieutenant Pax

Gender: male

Job: Master of Ninja-like martial arts

Eye color: dark green

Identified by: Wearing a Ninja like uniform and a little slim

Lieutenant Toro

Gender: Male

Job: Master of Ninja-like martial arts

Eye color: black

Identified by: Wearing a Ninja like uniform and a little slim

Corporal Zim

Gender: male

Job: doctor, Intelligence officer and scientific advisor

Eye color: Maroon

Identified by: Rail thin, and mostly wearing lab gloves

New recruit Zaz

Gender: male

Job: the friendly tag-along little kid

Eye color: Yellow

Identified by: Small (because of age), and usually walking slowly

Chief Medic Puro

Gender: female

Job: medic/doctor/nurse

Eye color: pink

Identified by: Has eye lashes and a somewhat slender appearance.


.This song plays during the beginning scene with Neglus

.Neglus sounds like this, however when he dies his final roar sounds like this

.The Scene where Zim is talking to the mail robot is a spoof of what happens when mail gets switched.

.When the military combats Neglus this song plays

.When Neglus is attacking the city this song plays

.The Mr.Huggy balloon is a spoof on the parades during thanksgiving.

.The song that plays when Zim is giving his report this song plays

.At one point Zim makes a reference to the aliens form the fifth element by mentioning the Mondoshawan a group of aliens in the film.

.At one point Zim makes a reference to Sgt.frog

.the song that plays when Zim attacks Neglus is

.When Zim attacks and Neglus dies the song is

.When the episode ends this is the credits
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Neglus Raids again
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