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 Bestest Friend

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Bestest Friend   Bestest Friend Icon_minitimeTue Oct 13, 2009 2:34 pm

Zim overhears Hayile Duff( this is not a typo) at school telling her friends how it isn't normal for the "weird green kid" (Zim) to not have any friends. Paranoid about being captured, he selects three outcasts and subjects them to various bizarre tests to be his best friend. (Such as electrocuting them to test their conductivity and something involving a miniature taxicab and a beaver.) Only one boy, Keef, passes all three tests. Zim thus loudly declares him his "best friend" in public, which is reacted to with indifference by the other schoolchildren. A montage of the two engaged in various best friend activities follows, accompanied by livly silly music that seems to pardy children show's buddy scenes in general.

Satisfied that his cover is safe, Zim decides it's time to rid himself of his new friend. Alas, Keef won't hear of it, to the point of stalking Zim. It starts when Keef calls and while the two are talking, another call comes in and it's Keef on the other line. After hanging up on him, Zim sees Keef riding his bicycle in front of Zim's house over and over again. Zim flees to his lab, firmly instructing GIR to not allow anyone in the house. When he returns upstairs the next morning, he finds Keef in his kitchen making waffles and bacon. Zim throws him out, and to further avoid him, tells him he's not going to school because he's sick. Keef then thinks his sick friend needs cheering up and decides to throw Zim a party. He invites all the kids from school but they lose interest when they hear Hayile Duff snub his invitation. She wants nothing to do with "the freak with that one friend that makes him even freakier."

Meanwhile, Zim hears about Keef's plan from GIR and, afraid of capture, creates a plan of his own. When Keef shows up to inform him of the party, Zim gives him a brightly wrapped present. Keef tears open the wrapping and two pincer hands suddenly emerge. They quickly rip Keef's eyes out of their sockets and replace them with robotic ones. Zim and the trick eyes then control him into thinking Zim is, in fact, a squirrel outside on the lawn. Keef follows the squirrel onto a roof, where he falls off the roof complete with a small nuclear explosion when he lands.

In my opinion that one kid's statement was pretty mean. I also think the scene where keef had his eyes may have been pretty scary for yonger adunce members. However I really like the lively silly music.
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Bestest Friend
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