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 GIR's Big day

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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GIR's Big day Empty
PostSubject: GIR's Big day   GIR's Big day Icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 12:11 pm

Narrator: in the deep space one question remains in the minds of mankind when we go into space what wonders will we find out there…..what lives on alien worlds. Well…one type of alien is out there…. They waited here, in the dark space... Damaged from a war 145 million years ago…..but rebuilding through cloning. Centuries passed and they quietly infiltrated the systems of many planets including earth in the year 2001 Earth. At the center of this foul operation of galactic supremacy on our planet is…..the former scientist and solider/Intelligence officer known as Zim Sent ahead to destroy all life on earth and regain the trust of his leaders. Together with his robot companion and armed with only lethal weapons, huge determination, and a seemingly endless amounts of energy so far they’ve been here for 9 years and it is currently 2010 and recently the newly Elected Mayor has cleaned and took care of the nuclear radiation problem….


(Narrator collapses)

Zim: You have been telling too much information! Hello person who is watching this show, sorry to interrupt you but it’s time for a little Jailhouse FUN!

(He takes out some kind of laser weapon about the size of a Revolver and shoots the camera)


(The words on the screen slowly form the title)

GIR’s big day

Zim’s base, day, outside

Zim: pass the objects right here.

GIR (robotic): YES MY LORD! (Starts throwing everything at Zim until he falls.)

Zim: That’s only half. Throw more!

GIR (robotic): Yes master I obey! (Keeps throwing the cleaning products until Zim falls again then GIR is suddenly hit by a passing ambulance)


(Suddenly all these Doctors come out and take GIR)

Zim: What are you doing?! Come back here that mine!

(Zim chases the ambulance and does several insane stunts while doing this such as running through alley ways, jumping on cars running past people and knocking some out he then throws a tracking device on the Ambulence)

City, outside Night
(We see a Very tired and panting Zim takes a doughnut and eats it)

Zim: If I were some Doctors where would I take the patient? *Thinks for some time* A hospital!

(Suddenly a large Man in some kind of dinosaur costume shows up the suit is orange, has patches on it, and is goofy looking)

Mr.Huggy: Hey little boy why are you in that stupid costume?

Zim: why are you in that stupid costume?

Mr.Huggy: Ok I’m Mr.Huggy. Hey little kid I’m going to a hospital so see you…

Zim (checking tracking device): Wait I’m going there too!

Mr.Huggy: Well I could take there too if you like…

Zim: Lead on barbarian!

(They eventually get to Mr.Huggy’s car which is a toy)

Zim: This is you’re Car?

Mr.Huggy: Isn’t it wonderful?

Zim: Um. I don’t known if you noticed…..but this is a toy! The only place it’s going is….NOWHERE!!! You know just once I would things to work out normally. No monsters …Nobody is crazy…No Crazy enemies! Is it me?! Do I attract crazy people!

Mr.Huggy: Nothing is good enough for you! Nothing makes you happy! Why do I keep trying? IT”S SPANKING TIME!!!

(Zim simply Shoots him with the laser gun and beats him up then he hijacks his car)

Zim: (as he drives) stupid humans and Fat Dinosaur! GIR will be free!

Hospital, Night, inside

Doctor 1: Hey that little puppy healed quickly.

Doctor 2: He must be some kind of super dog.

Doctor 3: hey you 2, I have an idea we could have his DNA and send it to the medical community we could get famous.

Doctors 1 and 2: Yeah let’s do it but first we have dinner.

(The doctors leave as GIR looks depressed. Then he sees a box of doughnuts. He eats it)

GIR: Eeeeee! (Clicks button and the cage opens he turns and sees a drawing of Mr.Huggy on the wall) Interesting wall decoration... I offer you alliance, and a cheese sandwich!

(He then walks through the hall way as he leaves he leaves some doughnut crumbs in the cloner)

GIR: (Flat) I record these events for my master. He likes funny things. (Sarcastically) ha ha ha.

Meanwhile in the same building.

(In the air vent we see Zim walking through in it and trying to make out movements in it he is trying to make out movements in the hospital) Zim: Interesting devices just where do these people get this type of equipment. (When the people leave he gets out his laser gun and gets out of the air vent) Behold superior Irken technology.


Zim: WHOOPS!!! I didn't mean to break that. This area cannot hold me!

(Back to GIR’s point of view we see him continue walking through the hall)

GIR: *Laughing Loudly* Enemy in range...

(back in Zim’s point of view)

Zim: Where's GIR when I need him?

(Suddenly both realize that neither of them are the enemy)

Zim: we better get out of here.


Doctor 1: aw man the dog’s gone

Doctor 3: we at least have the DNA we can activate the machine and Get the money we need

Doctor 1&2: Wahoo! Start that thing!

(suddenly the cloner works great but a monster emerges that looks like….a cross between a dog and a doughnut)
Doctor 3: Wait a minute…. Who put a doughnut in the Cloner?!

Doctors 1&2: not me.

(Suddenly Mr.Huggy shows up)

Mr.Huggy: Man…I can’t believe my experience with that….AAAAAH!

(The Monster mauls him)

Zim’s base, night, inside

Zim: well let’s not do that again (Zim and GIR are eating dinner when suddenly a television broadcast comes on)

Newsman: Breaking news a monster is on the loose! If you see the authorities tell them weather or not you have seen it!

GIR: This show’s boring me lets watch something else

Zim: (walks down into lower level of the base) time to go back experimenting

(Military marches play as he descends unlike previous episodes the ending credits animation and song is different. Don’t worry this will only happen if it’s a special episode)


. Zim's True Form Looks like this GIR's Big day 046

.Zim's Disguise Looks like this GIR's Big day 045

. GIR's True Form Looks like this GIR's Big day Gir-210

.GIR's Disguise Looks like this GIR's Big day Gir-110

.This song plays when Zim is chasing the ambulance is this one

.when Zim is walking through the Night this song plays is this one

.Mr.Huggy is a parody on Barney the purple Dinosaur

. When Zim and Mr.Huggy first meet the dialogue is base on the horror film Donnie Darko in the scene where the title character meets Frank, the 7-foot tall apocalyptic rabbit

. The scene where Mr.Huggy takes Zim to his car is base off a scene in Voodoo Vince

. The scene where Zim and GIR watch the news is base off the ending of the South Korean monster film known as the Host

.In reality those military marches are not military. It’s this song
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GIR's Big day
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