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 Billy Jack

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PostSubject: Billy Jack   Billy Jack Icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 7:57 pm

Billy Jack is a "half-breed" American Cherokee Indian Green Beret Vietnam War veteran, hapkido master, and gunslinger. The character made his début in The Born Losers (1967), a so-called "biker film" about a motorcycle gang terrorizing a California town; Billy Jack rises to the occasion to defeat the gang by defending a college student who has evidence against them for gang rapes.

This changes with the second film, Billy Jack, in which the hero must defend the hippie-themed Freedom School (a thinly veiled reference to Prescott College) and its students from townspeople who do not understand or like the counterculture students. The school is organized by Jean Roberts, played by Laughlin's wife, Delores Taylor, who also appears in each subsequent film. Their 11-year-old daughter, Teresa, plays one of the students and sings two self-written songs. Susan Foster and several other supporting players from The Born Losers also appear in different roles. Many cast members, particularly the students, were non-actors who improvised most of their dialogue. The San Francisco-based improvisational comedy troupe The Committee, including Howard Hesseman, also posed as students and performed some of their satirical skits.

Although marketed as an action film, the story focuses on the plight of Native Americans during the civil rights movement. It attained a cult following among younger audiences due to its youth-oriented, anti-authority message combined with the then-novel martial arts fight scenes which predate the Bruce Lee/kung fu movie trend that soon followed. The centerpiece of the film features Billy Jack, enraged over the mistreatment of his Indian friends, fighting a gang of racist thugs using various hapkido techniques.

Billy Jack helped raise the level of awareness regarding the discrimination against Native Americans at that time. This is exemplified in a key scene where some Indian children from the school go into town for ice cream and are refused service and then abused and humiliated by Bernard Posner and his gang. This prompts a violent outburst by Billy in an elaborately staged fight sequence in which a professional hapkido expert substituted for Laughlin in the key "facekicking" scene (Laughlin, though an accomplished football player, was never a martial artist). Later, Billy's girlfriend Jean is raped and one of the Indian students is murdered by Bernard, the corrupt son of the county's most successful (and ruthless) businessman . Billy confronts Bernard and sustains a gunshot wound before killing him with a karate strike to the throat. After a climactic shootout with the police, and much pleading from Jean, he surrenders to the authorities and is arrested. (In the original script, Billy is killed by a police sniper.) As he is being driven away, a large crowd of supporters raise their fists into the air as a show of defiance and support.

In my opinion this film is hars and has a felling of anger bulding up with in you. to sum it all up: a major disapointment
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Billy Jack
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