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 Titan A.E.

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PostSubject: Titan A.E.   Titan A.E. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 9:28 am

In 3028 AD, humanity has developed deep-space travel and interacted with several alien species; however, a human experimental discovery called Project Titan has caused the Drej( pronunced Dredge), a species made of pure energy, to become alarmed, killing several of the human race. As the Drej prepare to destroy Earth, Professor Sam Tucker , the lead researcher for Project Titan, gives his son, Cale, a ring and sends Cale on one of the evacuation ships with his alien friend, Tek . Meanwhile, Sam and other members of his team fly the Titan spacecraft from Earth and into hyperspace. The Drej destroy Earth, and the remainder of the human species becomes drifters, generally ridiculed by other species.

Fifteen years after Earth's destruction, Cale works in a salvage yard in the Tau 14 asteroid belt alongside Tek. Cale meets Joseph Korso , a human captain who requests Cale's help to find the Titan, demonstrating that Cale's ring contains a map leading to the Titan; the ring is genetically-encoded to respond to Cale's father, and hence now only responds to Cale himself, making him the only chance for humanity's future. Cale and Korso escape to Korso's ship, the Valkyrie, as the Drej arrive and attempt pursuit.

Cale is introduced to the other members of Korso's alien crew; sly first mate Preed , astrogator Gune , and cranky weapons expert, Stith(all various types of aliens). The only other human is co-pilot Akima, whom Cale finds himself immediately attracted to. They travel to the planet Sesharrim, where the Gaoul, a race of bat-like creatures, helps Cale to understand how to interpret the map and discover the Titan to be hidden in the Andali Nebula. The group is then attacked by the Drej, and Cale and Akima are captured. The Drej eventually discard Akima, sending her off into space in a pod where she is recovered by the Valkyrie crew, and extract the map from Cale, but Cale is able to escape on a Drej ship and reunite with the Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie is able to reach the human drifter colony called New Bangkok to make repairs and prepare for the final trip to the Titan. Cale and Akima overhear an argument between Korso and the Drej Queen, and discover that Korso and Preed are working with the Drej to try to destroy the Titan in exchange for money; they escape from the Valkyrie, but Akima is shot and wounded by Preed in the chase. They are stranded on the colony as Korso and the rest continue to the Titan's location. With the help of the other humans, Cale and Akima repair and refit the Phoenix, one of the colony's derelict spaceships, and race off to find the Titan before the Valkyrie reaches it.

Amid the Andali Nebula's giant ice crystals, Cale and Akima find and board the Titan. During their exploration of the massive ship, they discover a holographic message left by Cale's now-deceased father, which reveals the true nature of Project Titan and the Titan itself: The ship has the ability to create a completely new, Earth-like planet, and has stores of all the DNA of the animal and plant life that once lived on Earth. This power is the reason that the Drej feared humanity's potential enough to destroy Earth. Cale's father also explains that, in its escape from the destruction of Earth, the Titan has run out of power and can't currently execute the process of creating a planet.

The Valkyrie arrives, and Korso and Preed board the Titan, leaving a bomb to kill Stith and Gune; Gune detects the bomb before it detonates and attempts to get rid of it, but both are seemingly caught in the explosion. As Korso and Preed corner Cale and Akima and interrupt Cale's father's message, Preed turns on Korso, revealing a more tempting deal to get rid of humanity altogether; Korso defeats Preed in combat and kills him. Korso then attempts to wrest Cale's ring, but falls into the depths of the Titan just as the Drej arrive and begin attacking the Titan. Cale and Akima find Stith and Gune to be alive but injured, and the four attempt to defend the Titan from the Drej's attacks. Cale realizes that, by re-configuring the Titan, they can use the Drej themselves as the energy source to start the planet creation device; Korso appears and sacrifices himself to ensure that the process is started. The Drej are drawn into the Titan, and the ship uses the surrounding ice field to create a new planet.

As Cale and Akima step onto the new planet, Cale decides to call it "Bob." The film ends with Cale and Akima romantically embracing each other, the surviving crew of the Valkyrie flying off, and other ships with human colonies approach "New Earth" (aka Planet Bob) to start their new lives.

In my opinion this is a werid science fiction film but pretty good

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Titan A.E.
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