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PostSubject: Yonggary   Yonggary Icon_minitimeSat Jul 10, 2010 9:37 pm

Yonggary Yongar10
Yonggary Yongga10

Height:60 meters(Showa)120 meters(Heisei)

Weight:30,000 tons(Showa)70,000 tons (Heisei)

Yonggary an ancient kaiju from South Korea, who first appeared in 1967. Years later another Yonggary was mind controlled by aliens. He was then transported to a island.

Inspired by the success of the Godzilla and Gamera films in Japan, director Shim Hyung Rae ripped off of Toho and envisioned his own monster. Yonggary is a large, bipedal reptile, with a row of small plates running up its back, a thagomizer on its tail and a horn on its nose. Some have compared its appearance to Godzilla. Yongary can breathe fire, and fire a laser from the horn on its snout. Yonggary is a critically-disliked monster in both movies, and one of the most unpopular.

Yonggary: Monster from the Deep

The original movie follows the story of an earthquake heading through South Korea. The earthquake is found out to be made by the monster Yonggary who is burrowing underground, then it proceeds to destroy cities. Yongary lives off of drinking gasoline and oil. It was discovered that Yongary has a weakness to ammonia precipitate, and died an agonizing death at the end of the film after being dusted by this poison.


Inspired by Roland Emmerich's Godzilla remake, Yonggary: Monster from the Deep was remade in 1999 by prolific Korean filmmaker Shim Hyung-rae, using conventional computer-generated imagery effects, and an American cast to appeal to international markets. The film's title in the US is Reptilian. Reptilian is based about aliens that have resurrected the fossils of a 200-million-year-old, 500 foot tall, fireball breathing dinosaur found in the Korean mountains and uses this dinosaur to destroy the world but the aliens lose control of Yonggary, and Yonggary battles Cykor, the aliens' ultimate weapon. In the end, Yonggary wins and saves humanity.
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