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PostSubject: Mechani-Kong   Mechani-Kong Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 6:53 pm

Mechani-Kong Konga10

Species Mechanical King Kong

Height 20 meters

Weight 15,000 tons

Mechani-Kong is a remote-controlled robot double of King Kong introduced in the 1966 animated television series The King Kong Show and featured again in the 1967 film King Kong Escapes. The robot was created by Dr. Who (not to be confused with the British television series or its main character) to kill the giant ape King Kong

Mechani-Kong was built by Dr. Who to dig for Element X, a large core containing a natural abundance of nuclear power. However Mechani-Kong was not strong enough to dig out the element, as the robot's circuits were destroyed by magnetic waves. Dr. Who then kidnaps the real Kong to dig for the element, placing him in a hypnotic trance. Kong eventually breaks out of his trance and swims to Tokyo, where he and Mechani-Kong fight atop Tokyo Tower. After a long battle, in which both of them nearly fall off the tower, Dr. Who's associate Madame X rips out the robot's control cords, causing Mechani-Kong to malfunction. The mechanic replica of the ape falls to its destruction from the top of the tower.

Aside from its great strength, Mechani-Kong possesses a dome on the top of its head which features a flashing light that can be used to blind or hypnotize its foes. It is later modified with attachments on its waist which it uses to carry multiple grenade-like explosives. He can also fire beams from his eyes.
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