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 Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland Empty
PostSubject: Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland   Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 6:44 pm

The movie begins with Nemo flying in his bed and finding himself in a creepy, abandoned town. Soon, he finds himself running away from a rather frightening looking train. When the malevolent train pursues Nemo to his house, Nemo wakes up and the audience realizes it has all just been a vivid nightmare, to which Nemo is apparently prone. That following morning, a circus parade arrives in town. Nemo wakes up, calls for his best friend Icarus (a flying squirrel) and takes him to see the parade.

A cast of colorful characters leave little Nemo in awe: goofy clowns, a beautiful "Indian" princess who throws Nemo a flower, and the ringmaster himself. The ringmaster is so taken with Nemo's wide-eyed curiosity that he gives the little boy a ride on the back of one of the trained horses. When Nemo gets home, he tries to tell his "Papa" about his day, but Nemo's father is too busy to listen to him. When Nemo asks to go to the circus, his request is met with a hurried "Maybe tomorrow" from his parents. Nemo goes to bed that night feeling a little rejected. Fortunately, he pretends to sleepwalk, much to Icarus' dismay. As he protects his friend, Nemo successfully opens the icebox to take out a pie, but his mother catches him and he runs back to his room because he broke his promise not steal any pies.

That night, as Nemo is trying to get to sleep, he notices a queer light emanating from the window. A tall, lanky man with a top hat comes out and introduces himself as one Professor Genius. He is there with a clown named Bonbon to present Nemo with a royal invitation from King Morphius of Slumberland to come to his kingdom and be the official playmate of Princess Camille, the King's daughter. Nemo, reluctant at the thought of playing with a girl, quickly accepts when Bonbon presents him with an exquisite box of cookies, presents from the princess. Nemo climbs aboard the dirigible which is to carry the group off to Slumberland.

Upon arriving in Slumberland, having been welcomed warmly by the people and having met Flip, a "Frightful Fellow" according to the Professor, Nemo reports to the King's Palace, only to discover that he is not in. A mad search ensues, with Flip showing Nemo secret passages throughout the palace. A chance discovery lands Nemo and Icarus in a large playroom, where a scale model of a locomotive has been set up. The conductor, a formidable man with a white beard, enlists Nemo's help in repairing the engine and it is only when the two crash the train into the throne room that it is revealed that the conductor is none other than King Morpheus himself. Nemo is stunned, but the king, who tells Nemo to call him "Morphy", is elated. He reveals that Nemo has been called to Slumberland because he has been chosen to be King Morphius's sole heir. King Morphius then entrusts to Nemo the Golden Key, which is wrought into a sinister-looking dragon shape. King Morpheus tells Nemo that this key can open any door in Slumberland, but that Nemo is not to use the key to open the door with the "Dragon" symbol on it. Nemo promises not to and is led away to meet Princess Camille.

The Professor, Nemo, and Icarus come upon Camille playing her harp and singing in a lovely room decorated with roses. When the princess finishes her song, she dismisses the Professor and scrutinizes Nemo. After some initial snobbiness, the Princess comes to accept Nemo and he accepts her. The Princess then shows Nemo all around Slumberland with Bonbon the clown. When the trio and Icarus return to the palace, the Professor grabs Nemo and hurries him to his "schooling" in preparation for his duties as a Prince. Camille takes Icarus away and leaves Nemo to be pounced upon by a litany of teachers. When the teachers are finished, Flip returns to the palace to see Nemo and cause mischief. Reluctantly, Nemo agrees to follow Flip and the two ride off on Flip's giant crow.

After indeed causing some mischief, the two discover a large door, which bears the symbol of the Golden Key. Nemo initially refuses to, citing his promise to the King, but Flip somehow persuades him to do otherwise, saying that they would only take "one little peek." Unbeknownst to them, the door holds the portal to Nightmareland, a dark and horrible place, where the Nightmare King, King Morphius's enemy, is said to dwell. Suddenly, the Nightmare within rises up and hurls towards the door. Nemo and Flip manage to close the doors before the Nightmare was able to get out. They both run away afterward.

Later that night, Nemo barely makes his coronation. The King crowns him and reveals to the crowd that he is entrusting Nemo with the powers of the Royal Sceptre. After a show of the Sceptre's power, the festivities commence with dancing, thus starting with the Professor dancing merrily, joined by the King. However, the fun is cut short when the Nightmare King succeeds into busting the doors open and escapes, kidnapping Morpheus in the process. Nemo and Flip is left blaming each other for the King's disappearance. Camille is devastated and falls to the floor crying as Nemo wakes up.

When Nemo looks around his room, all seems normal, but he discovers that the Sceptre is hidden within his bedsheets. Soon, a flood appears and carries him back to Slumberland where he is reunited with his friends. It is revealed then that the King is thought to have been carried off to Nightmareland and that Flip owns the only map of it (written in Flip's own secret code.)

After stopping Flip's banishment into space for allegedly causing the whole incident, Nemo, the Professor, Camille, Icarus, and Flip begin a journey to find the King. This results in them getting shipwrecked in Nightmareland according to the map, but upon reaching shore, Flip discovers that the map has become illegible due to all the time it has spent in water. Nonetheless, he leads the little troupe deeper and deeper into Nightmareland. Camille is grabbed suddenly by fierce water goblins who yield at the light of the Royal Sceptre, which Nemo still has.

As they trek on, Flip comes across four goblins, who all turn out to be friendly. Suddenly, the Professor, Flip, and Princess Camille are kidnapped by minions of the Nightmare King. Unable to fully use Royal Sceptre because he has forgotten the incantation used to summon its powers of protection, Nemo remains with the goblins, helpless and soon wakes up in his room again. This time, the goblins are right there with him and, with a newly found member of their clan, the goblins lead Nemo to the Nightmare King's castle, where Nemo tries to remember the Sceptre's incantation and finds it written down on a piece of paper. Soon, the goblins lead Nemo to the dungeon where he sees the Professor, Princess Camille, and Flip being held prisoner in giant reliquaries by the Nightmare King himself.

The Nightmare King, sensing Nemo's presence, begins to taunt the boy, and tops it off by imprisoning King Morphius in a reliquary of his own right before Nemo's eyes. Nemo screams for the Nightmare King to stop, but the Nightmare King only laughs. He asks Nemo to give him the sceptre because, after all, Nemo cannot even remember the words necessary to use it. Nemo refuses and valiantly uses the scepter to fight off the Nightmare King and his minions, freeing his friends in the process. Unfortunately, Nemo used all of his strength to activate the scepter and, when the battle is won, falls lifeless to the floor, sceptre disgarded.

Camille, seeing Nemo's body, runs toward him and cradles him in her arms. She sobs and mourns the apparent loss of her best friend. The Professor, Flip, and the goblins follow suit. King Morphius, the last to wake, picks up his sceptre and brings Nemo back to life. Nemo apologizes for having released the Nightmares into Slumberland with the key, but the King forgives him, stating that Nemo showed immense courage in all he has done. For that, he is truly worthy of being a prince.

The troupe boards a dirigible sometime later and escorts Nemo home. Before he gets off, however, Princess Camille thanks him for all he has done for her and offers him a loving kiss, which he slowly returns. The next morning, Nemo wakes up to the sound of his mother's voice telling him to get up. He apoligises to her for not keeping his promise. She and his dad are taking him to the circus and Nemo realizes that everything about the night that had passed had all been a dream. Although his cycle of constant nightmares appears to have been broken.

in my opinion this film is weird but not as wierd as MonkeyBone but is never the less a good kiddy film
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Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
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