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 Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack

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Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Empty
PostSubject: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack   Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 7:08 pm

Plot: In 2001, the mutant dinosaur Godzilla was a subject very distant in almost anyone's mind. Godzilla attacked Tokyo in 1954, but was killed shortly afterwards by the Oxygen Destroyer. Danger still remained, however. Anecdotal evidence of other monsters was revealed, and an attack by a Godzilla-like monster, was confirmed in New York City. Admiral Taizo Tachibana reasons the Japan Self-Defense Forces would always have to be prepared. A US nuclear submarine is destroyed, and the anti-nuclear submarine Satsuma is sent to investigate and finds Godzilla's dorsal fins. While Taizo's daughter, Yuri, is filming a documentary, a sudden tremor occurs. Yuri notices a prophet, a motorcycle gang gets trapped, and a witness observes the face of a monster, identified as Godzilla. Meanwhile, Yuri realizes what an effect the story has on her. She realizes the cause of the tremor has moved. In response to the expanding mystery, Teruaki Takeda, Yuri's adviser, locates a book written by Prof. Hirotoshi Isayama that describes prophecies similar to the course of events which were presently unfolding. It tells of a group of legendary beasts known as the Guardian Monsters: the subterranean dinosaur Baragon, the divine insect Mothra, and the three-headed dragon King Ghidorah.

The following night, tragedy strikes Lake Ikeda. Eleven rowdy teenagers are killed while on a bike trip. With the continuing escalation of these phenomenal events, Yuri and her crew travels to the Motosu Police Station to meet Isayama, where Yuri recognizes him. Isayama explains the truth behind Godzilla's origins and power. He reveals to Yuri that while Godzilla was the product of nuclear weapons, he was also the amalgam of tormented souls from World War II which gave the monster his invulnerability. Isayama also reveals the legend of the three Guardian Monsters, about how they were defeated long ago and how their bodies were slowly rejuvenating. Yuri is instructed to go to the place where Ghidorah slept. Upon leaving the police station, Yuri locates a stone possessing an unknown power close to a shrine near to where Isayama claimed that Ghidorah was in a deep slumber. That night, Maganote in the Bonin Islands was leveled as a heavy storm passed through the area. However, it was clear that there was another destructive force that accompanied this natural disaster. A press conference revealed the Diet's suspicions of Godzilla-related activity to the nation and the world, and a warning has been issued to watch the seas around Japan. As a new level of intensity began to grip the nation, Yuri informed Taizo of the legend, but he believed what he heard with a grain of salt. He soon realizes that he had experienced the tragedy of Godzilla years earlier, when he lost his parents to the monster.

Meanwhile, the police station bursts into chaos as Baragon surfaces from underground, looking for Godzilla. Godzilla rises at Yaizu Harbor and begins an assault to Tokyo. He rampages through Shimizu as Baragon barrels through Hakone Spa, and they finally meet face-to-face in the Hakone Valley. They fight and Godzilla eventually kills Baragon with his atomic breath. The battle has suffered casualties in the Hakone Valley in the cataclysmic disaster, and while Yuri is reporting, she is injured. Despite Takeda's warning against it, Yuri purchases a bike and follows Godzilla as he moves towards Tokyo. She convinces her boss to air her live coverage of Godzilla's advance, while General Katsumasa Migumo orders an air strike against the monster in the countryside. The air strike fails as Godzilla's ray destroys most of the jets. However, the ground troops would soon arrive to defeat the monster. Mothra transforms into her adult form, as Isayama watches King Ghidorah begin to emerge from his ice tomb near Mt. Fuji.

The Yokohama Defense Line, Patrol Fleet Headquarters and the Yokohama Garrison Post are set up in the continuing scramble for the counterattack in Godzilla's predetermined path. Taizo begins to realize the legends are true, and as he lands on the Battle Cruiser Aizu, Godzilla closes in on the defense line. Mothra appears and lands on top of the Yokohama Landmark Tower. They engage each other. As Yuri watches from below, Mothra fires projectile stingers from her abdomen at Godzilla as he continually attempts to kill her with his ray, and in the heat of their battle, the top levels of the Landmark Tower are destroyed. Ghidorah arrives to assist Mothra, and the two Guardian Monsters join forces against their enemy. Ghidorah attempts to subdue Godzilla with an electric bite attack, but fails as he is knocked out by Godzilla. As Godzilla attempts to kill Ghidorah, Mothra intervenes and gets knocked out as well. With no Guardian Monsters left to carry on the fight, the JSDF attacks Godzilla by itself, using a special drilling warhead called the D-03. In retaliation, Godzilla destroys most of the JSDF's defenses. Desperate, Mothra rises from the street but Godzilla senses her and finally kills the insect with his ray. Her essence revives King Ghidorah and the dragon fires a blast of energy at Godzilla. Godzilla is thrown into the bay, with an open wound on his shoulder.

As Ghidorah engages Godzilla, Taizo, noticing the window of opportunity that presented itself with Godzilla's injury, requests that he take the Satsuma and shoot a D-03 into Godzilla's open shoulder wound. As the Satsuma is prepared, Yuri and Takeda arrived at the Yokohama Bay Bridge and airs a live broadcast of the battle in the bay. Godzilla's ray destroys the foundation of the bridge. When Yuri's stone falls into the water it reenergizes Ghidorah, who saves Takeda and Yuri from falling to their deaths, but Yuri is knocked unconscious. Ghidorah finally shoots his gravity beams, but fails as Godzilla absorbs the electricity into his fins and destroys King Ghidorah by firing his ray at point blank range. The Guardian Monsters' spiritual energy enters Godzilla and he descends into the murky waters. Taizo pilots the Satsuma toward Godzilla, but the monster swallows the sub. As Yuri's spirit tells her father not to give up, he soon regains his wits and retakes control of the vessel inside Godzilla. At the surface, Yuri regains consciousness. Godzilla rises from Tokyo Bay and targets Yuri and Takeda, but Taizo manages to fire a D-03 from the Satsuma. It drills out of Godzilla's open shoulder wound and explodes. Godzilla attempts to fire his ray and kill Yuri and Takeda, but he fails as the ray shoots out of the massive hole in his shoulder. He attempts a second time with the same results and falls back beneath the waves. Taizo pilots the Satsuma out of Godzilla's body, but Godzilla notices and attempts to use his ray a third time, but as he charges his fins he unintentionally self destructs. Yuri and Takeda meets up with Taizo as he emerges from the Satsuma. Though Yuri salutes him for his victory, Taizo explains that everyone involved in the battle should be saluted; including the Guardian Monsters. Meanwhile, the King of the Monster's dissembodied heart is still beating at the bottom of Tokyo Bay.

in my opion I liked the sound track but I like the sound track from every godzilla movie I have seen so that doesent really this is the 1st time i have seen Mothra and King gedorah so I really thought that was there right size and origans
Director Shūsuke Kaneko's original script originally had Anguirus, Varan and Baragon defend Japan against Godzilla, but Toho told him to replace the former two with the more popular King Ghidorah and Mothra, as Anguirus and Varan were not considered bankable enough to guarantee a box-office hit. Skeptical at first, he managed to work the two monsters into the film.

The film is especially notable for the changes made to the monsters. For example, Ghidorah typically played the villain in previous Godzilla films; this film has him as a hero. Also, in the other films, he's usually depicted as an alien while in this film he is a dragon. In fact, Ghidorah is actually portrayed a few meters shorter than Godzilla; previous incarnations of the character were much larger, and towered over Godzilla.

Originally, Godzilla was intended to walk with his back and tail parallel to the ground however, this idea was dropped due to the strain it put on Mizuho Yoshida (the actor playing Godzilla), and Godzilla retains his traditional posture.

Mothra was also revamped. Like Ghidorah, Mothra is portrayed as being far smaller than normal. Her poison powder and hurricane wind attacks were removed, and were replaced with a burst of stingers fired from her abdomen. In addition, Mothra's fairy servants, the Shobijin, are dropped completely, (though a homage exists in the form of a pair of twins (from Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys) who look up in awe at Mothra as she flies overhead).

Baragon was also altered. His heat ray was removed, his roar was changed and his horn is no longer bioluminescent.

Apparently, the reason behind the changes to Ghidorah, Mothra, and Baragon were made in order to make Godzilla seem stronger. Director Kaneko wanted Godzilla to be the most powerful monster in the film. He originally wanted to use monsters who are notably smaller and less powerful than Godzilla, as his opponents. When advised by Toho to replace them, he compensated by making Ghidorah and Mothra weaker than they normally were. Fuyuki Shinada, who designed the monster suits for the film, was disappointed that Varan (his all-time favorite monster) wasn't going to be in the film, so he compromised by putting Varan's facial features on Ghidorah's three heads.

In addition, the radioactive element has been replaced with a more mystical element. Godzilla has origins rooted in Japan's World War II past. Although Godzilla is still a mutant dinosaur created by the atomic bomb, he is also described as an incarnation of those killed or who were left to die at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific War. The extent to which his nuclear and spiritual origins balance is never specified. Kaneko, a lifelong pacifist, did this to boost the anti-war angle of the original Godzilla. It was also because he knew that audiences wanted a realistic Godzilla, but there was no realistic way to explain a 60-meter mutant dinosaur, so he thought it worked better with a fantasy element.
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Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
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