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 Game Slave 2

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Invader Zim
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Game Slave 2 Empty
PostSubject: Game Slave 2   Game Slave 2 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 10:45 am


Gaz and Dib are sitting on the couch when a commercial for the Game Slave 2, a new handheld game console, comes on. Gaz has been obsessively playing the original Game Slave, and wants to go to the mall immediately, but Dib insists on waiting until after "Mysterious Mysteries" is over. When they finally arrive at the mall, they find thousands waiting in line ahead of them. Gaz sends Dib into the large parking lot for revenge, where he is quickly lost and encounters a tribe of hideously devolved Rat People. Meanwhile, Gaz must stand near a shrill, chatty boy named Iggins, who constantly brags about his "superior" gaming abilities.

The gamer herself.When Gaz finally gets to the cashier, all of the Game Slave 2 consoles have been sold, except for one: a pre-order for a Clarence Wong (an online gamer and friend/rival of Jhonen Vasquez, according to the DVD commentary). Iggins claims he is Clarence Wong in order to claim the last GS2, and Gaz, angered by his trickery, vows revenge. Iggins does not take her seriously, however.

Soon, Gaz starts stalking Iggins for the game console. When the GS2's batteries run low at a critical point in the game, Iggins finds that Gaz has collected all the batteries in his house and is holding them for ransom. He refuses to trade the console for the batteries, and she flushes them down the toilet. A panicked Iggins runs to the "Battery Tower" in search of batteries, taking an elevator to the 50th floor, where he is again confronted by Gaz. In desperation, Iggins gives Gaz the GS2; the violent storm outside immediately dissipates, as Gaz states that "The rightful order has been restored."

Iggins spitefully screams at her that he'll always be the better gamer, always... and that is when his elevator's cable snaps, sending him plummeting down 50 stories. 'The End' flashes on screen, but it is then revealed that Iggins survived the fall and flies away from the wreckage.

I don't really like this epsoide because it seems like somthing out of a horror film
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Game Slave 2
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