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 TAK: The Hideous New Girl

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: TAK: The Hideous New Girl   TAK: The Hideous New Girl Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 10:42 am

While a pair of robotic squirrels dance on the window-ledge of the classroom, Miss Bitters yells into her phone, angry at the idea of having to let the children celebrate Valentines Day. Everyone cheers and hands out slabs of meat, except Dib and Zim. Dib says he read "long ago" (hinting the show takes place in the future but I feel that was not soppost to be take sirously) that people handed out cards and candy for Valentine's Day. He questions how they got around to passing out meat, to which Miss Bitters replies "You don't want to know." A new girl named Tak arrives dramatically in a ship shaped like a wiener, which she explains by her father being president of the "'Delishus Weenie Corporation", before handing out wienies for everyone.

Tak proceeds to read a bizarre poem about Zim. Zim takes this to mean that by "filthy" human standards, she is in love with him...especially when she throws Roasted meat( the meat juts came out of a oven presumilbly) at him, which burns his skin. Zim then becomes a boyfriend, of sorts, in order to study human romance closer, believing it is pain-based.

Zim holding a Kick-me sign that Tak put on him.Tak reveals to Zim that she is Irken, and has a SIR unit, Mimi, who is disguised as a cat. She explains that, on the contrary, she hates him. Long ago Zim ruined her chance to be an Invader, and she has had to wait fifty years to plot her revenge (although Zim still doesn't quite get it). She proceeds to cripple Zim's base with electronic bugs (which actually look like cockroaches) to render him defenseless as she conquers the Earth.

After the break, Zim is shown defeating an evil ham-demon, which has nothing to do with Tak at all. He remarks that it's now time to get information on Tak's hideout. He discovers it is in a "Delishus Weenie" stand, which strangely towers over all the other buildings in the city.

Soon, her evil plan to ruin Zim's life and destroy the Earth (emptying out the core and filling it with snacks as a tribute to the Tallest) is to at last be acted upon, so Dib and (reluctantly) Gaz are forced to team up with Zim to defeat her.

The magma pump is activated and begins to hollow out the Earth's core. Zim (in his Voot Cruiser) and Tak (in her modified Spittle Runner) duel around the magma pouring into space, while Dib tries to find out how to reverse the pump, and Gaz and Gir override Mimi's programming to make it attack Tak. Eventually Tak is defeated and retreats in an escape pod. Dib reverses the pump, and mankind seems oblivious to what has just happened. At the end, Tak's damaged ship crash lands in Dib's yard, much to his delight.

This epsoid seems very painful but it is kinda funny with the giant hot dog stand for example

Gaz: isint big for a hot dog stand

Waiter: (looks out in amazement like what the) I am not allowed in there
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TAK: The Hideous New Girl
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