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 Bolognius Maximus

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Bolognius Maximus   Bolognius Maximus Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 9:06 am

During lunchtime at their school, Dib mocks Zim's repulsion of human food, and throws a piece of bologna at him. Zim vows revenge on Dib for this. However, the only form of vengeance is a seemingly innocuous plan of putting a tack on Dib's seat.

The next day, Dib notices that his skin tastes "delicious", as observed by the neighborhood dogs, who crowd around Dib. Dib analyses his DNA and discovers that it has somehow absorbed bologna DNA. The conclusion is that Zim's revenge was a form of ironic punishment, to turn Dib into meat by the use of bologna DNA transferred to Dib through the tack. Defeated, Dib goes to Zim and concedes. Zim goes into an arrogant rant of victory, and proceeds to shake his hand. But Zim recoils in pain, and realizes that Dib placed the bologna tack in his hand to prick him with it.

Zim realizes he'll soon be turning into meat too, and as Dib is the only one with the technology to save them both from turning into sausage, he agrees to help. However, Zim is unable to find a cure, and in frustration and anger as the pair mutate farther into meat, Dib chases Zim, ending up outside and surrounded by drooling dogs.

By the end of the episode, dogs have surrounded the house where Zim and Dib have taken refuge and the pair are almost unrecognizable pieces of sausage. Dib just says to Zim, "You jerk". They are back to normal by the next episode, of course.

I fell Zim manged to find a cure but it works slowly and thats how they became normal. I feel this epesoid is kinda stupid
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Bolognius Maximus
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