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 The Day Everything Changed

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Day Everything Changed Empty
PostSubject: The Day Everything Changed   The Day Everything Changed Icon_minitimeSun Dec 22, 2013 8:24 am

Zim's Base

(We see Zim and GIR getting ready for breakfast.)

GIR: MMMMMM, Paint Chips decorated on my waffles, Zim can I ask a question?

Zim: Sure thing GIR.

GIR: We been together for a long time but what is your past like?

Zim: *Sigh* sit down this is going to be a long one.

The Day Everything Changed

Opening Theme:

Desert, Day

(We see Zim being accompanied by an elderly female Irken as they wander through a Desert wasteland)

Zim (Narrating): Well when I went to college I was accompanied by an adult returning to education, she never told me her name but she insisted on me calling her “Auntie”.

Zim (Past): Hey Auntie, how many more miles do we need to get college.

Auntie: Um............ABC.

Zim (Narrating): As you could tell she was pretty crazy, but you can choose your friends and you can't choose your Auntie figure in your life, beside she was a great roommate. We had to wander a wasteland to get to college because my school teachers never gave me enough money to get a car.

Zim (Past): Hey Auntie that's the place.

Auntie: Are you sure it's not some outback steak house in the middle of this Desert.

Zim (Past): I'm pretty sure.

College, Inside, day

(We see a montage of events with Zim doing typical events in a college events.)

Zim (Narrating): I spent a typical college life of studying hard and hanging out with Auntie, because she was such a great friend. I was briefly teamed up with another Irken named Pakow to make a business project by using parasitic creatures known as Borg and using their meat as a cereal product, we accidentally drove them to extinction. Although nobody cared because they were disgusting

GIR (off screen): So then what happened during your final months.

Zim (Narrating): I had a lot of fun. Until The Day Everything Changed.

GIR (off screen): What happened?

Zim: (Narrating): I met her.

College, Final Months, Day, Outside  

(We see Zim in a rush to get somewhere.)

Zim (Past): I better get to class.

Auntie: OK, I'll be trying to use all this oil to make a small castle.

(We see Zim runs past various different people in his attempt to get to class he eventually, bumps into a female Irken knocking her over. She looks like this.)

The Day Everything Changed Tak_an10

Zim (Past): My goodness are you all right?!

Female Irken: Yeah I'll be find, thank you..........?

Zim (Past): my name is Zim, and yours.

Tak: My name is Tak.

Zim (Past): What a nice name.  *Blushes* Either would you like me to walk with you on the way to class.

Tak: Sure thing.

Zim's base


Zim: Yes, why?

GIR:  Why didn't you tell me this earlier!?

Zim: I didn't think it was important, GIR.

GIR: To be honest Zim, that's kind of sweet until she tried to destroy us how did the relationship turn that down hill?

Zim: I blame the Almighty Tallest.

College, Final Months, Day, Outside

Zim (Narrating): We were friends for a large amount of time until I asked her out to a dance the college was holding, Auntie personally approved of this.

Zim (Past): *Turns Bright Red* Would you like to dance?

Tak: Sure thing Zim.

(As Zim and Tak proceed to dance we see Auntie drinking some punch as she is gambling on something)

Gambler: Well I guess we should show our cards......wait why didn't you look at you're cards.

Auntie: I hold.

Gambler: Well I know that but why didn't you look at you're cards! You could have a bad hand!

Auntie: I Also bet the soul of my ex boyfriend

Gambler: Again you can't gamble souls!

(Suddenly he turns around to see Auntie with a lolly pop)


Auntie: What this, you want one, I can't blame you because Lolly pops are cool.

(Gambler then blinks and sees Auntie holding juice.)


Auntie: Want some?


(Auntie sees her cards.)

Auntie: Wow I have a bad hand, but I won because my opponent surrendered, talk about being lucky.

(The Gambler collapses out of frustration.)

Zim (Past): You Go Auntie!

Auntie: Thank you my boy.

College, Outside

(As the dance slowly ends we Zim walks Tak to her dorm room.)

Tak: The night was wonderful especially you.

Zim (Past): *Turns bright red* Thank you very much my dear. Uh.........I got this for you.

(Zim takes out a flower that looks like a rose only purple)

Tak: Zim, it's beautiful I love it!

(Tak proceeded to hug and kiss Zim before walking away, Zim smiles as he escorts a sleepy Auntie back to their dorm.)

Auntie: Who turned off the music?! HEY MUSIC WHERE ARE YOU!!!???

GIR (Off screen): Wow  that sounds like a nice night, but Kissing is gross, it looks like they're eating each other.

Zim (Narrating): Buckle yourself  because this is when things take a turn for the worse.

The Next Day.....................

Zim (Past): Wonder what's on TV.

(Suddenly we see The Almighty Tallest on it.)

Almighty Tallest Red: Hello citizens of Irk.

Almighty Tallest Purple: HI!!!!

Almighty Tallest Red: for all college students.

Almighty Tallest Purple: WAZ UP!!!!

Almighty Tallest Red: There will be a mandatory military draft on the planet Devastis. That is all.

Devastis, training grounds

The Day Everything Changed 062
The Day Everything Changed C12

Auntie: Good Luck on you're test kids.

Zim (Past) & Tak: Thanks Auntie.

(We see Zim and Tak walk into a large building.)

Zim (Narrating): Well I finished the Test early, so I walked over to a vending for some snacks because I was very hungry.

(we see Zim trying to open the vending machine, it doesn’t work so Zim has to resort to using a laser cutter, an energy weapon resembling a chainsaw, and eventually Zim gets tired and gets an idea. He finds a giant robot an uses it to blow up a massive amount of area to destroy the vending machine.)

Zim (Past): MMMMMMM Snacks.

(Zim continues to wander until he meets Auntie who looks shocked at the sight of the Giant Robot.)

Auntie: You did that?

Zim (Past): Yes Auntie, why?

Auntie: That's awesome! Where's Tak?

Zim (Past): Oh dear!

Auntie: What is, what's the matter?

Zim (Past): I think she may have got caught in the energy beam and was atomized.

Auntie: What?

Zim (Past): *Cries*.

Auntie: There, There, we can make her soul in heaven proud of you, by making the universe a better place for people to live in.

Zim (Past): You're right, I have potential to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Thanks Auntie.

Auntie: You're welcome.

Zim's Base, Present, day

Zim: I eventually forgot about Tak after fighting a long time in the military, it turns she wasn't dead as you learned, and she was so consumed by hate that she wanted to destroy us both. That is my life story.

GIR: What a great story, I like it.

Zim: Thank you GIR. I just wonder who sent those super soldiers.


(We see a massive spaceship hovering above earth. Two silhouettes are standing at the controls.)

The Day Everything Changed Leader10

Silhouette 1: Zim will soon be captured make sure of that, I'm Such a genius with these masterful schemes popping out of my head.

Silhouette 2: Agreed soon he will be finally out of our skin.

Silhouettes 1 & 2: *Laughs evilly*

(Suddenly the lights turn revealing it's Almighty Tallest Red and Purple.)

The Day Everything Changed Almigh11

Almighty Tallest Red: What the heck?!

Janitor: I have to clean the place to see.

Almighty Tallest Purple: Turn the lights off!

Almighty Tallest Red: Let him finish we need clean floors

Almighty Tallest Purple: *Sigh* Carry on



. The episode was inspired by Monsters University

. The Character Auntie was inspired by Aunt Ginny and Aunt Edie from the show the Middle

. Auntie's mannerisms was inspired by the World's Dumbest

. The entire gambling scene was inspired by a comedy skit by ANTFISH

. The relationship between Zim and Tak was inspired by this drawing The Day Everything Changed Zim_an13

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Day Everything Changed Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Day Everything Changed   The Day Everything Changed Icon_minitimeMon Dec 23, 2013 9:18 pm

I love the holiday theme-especially the snowman-so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
a lot of fun.
The theme of monster University I can see the connection.
I bet it was fun to write.
The music really added to the story.
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The Day Everything Changed
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