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 Fun and Games

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Fun and Games Empty
PostSubject: Fun and Games   Fun and Games Icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 8:44 am

Ed's Room, inside, day

(We see Ed waking up.)

Ed: MMMMMM Ceiling boards. I'm going to have the best day today!

(We see him making toast covered in gravy and butter. He then runs in the fields and bumps into Eddy and Jonny.)

Eddy: ED! Did you see Double D!

Ed: No. You want to play battleship.

Eddy: Well..............OK.

Ed: I'm going to sink all you're battleships and whales.


Jonny: let's play halo instead

Ed: OK.

Fun and Games

Opening Theme:

Eddy's House, Inside, day

(We see Eddy, Jonny, and Ed playing Halo on an Xbox 360.)

Eddy: Prepare to be destroyed Jonny.

Jonny: Jokes on you Eddy, when I die I'm going to Burger King.


Jonny: That's what I believe the afterlife is. I'm going to be the next Burger King.

(Double D enters the room and sees the three playing video games.)

Double D: Do you mind if I join you gentlemen? I was collecting some insects.

Jonny: No, not at all.

(Double D sits down as they play video games.)

Double D: What exactly is the story behind this game.

Eddy: No idea I just play it because it has energy weapons I can use.

Double D: You do realize that I have energy weapons at my place.

Jonny: I always theorized that rabbits had potential to take over the world.

Double D: Do you guys want to go to the capitol building some time.

Everyone: Sure!


(We see Ed, Double D, Eddy, and Jonny playing a Wii)

Ed: Man these kids games has some of the best power ups in video gaming history.

Jonny: Do you ever think that the minions we destroy in  this video game have families?

Double D: Um Jonny.....................they aren't real.

Jonny: Oh.

Eddy: Well either way this is cool, I can't wait to get to the final boss.

(Suddenly they realize that's it's night out.)

Double D: Well that was fun.

Jonny: let's  do it again tomorrow.

Everyone: sure why not.

(Everyone walks home except for Double D, who heads straight to the school.)


(We see the a surreal place, with the sign principal's office we see Double D walking through it.)

Double D: Principal are you here.

(Suddenly we see a surreal looking creature it looks like this.)

Fun and Games Deus_e10

Principal: Hello Eddward, you wanted to see me?

Double D: Yes I found a bunch of scrolls on the moon they mention something known as the Mad Angel, what is this person.

Principal:................Miara (Pronounced: My-Ra)

Double D: Pardon?

Principal: Miara was an angel who used to serve under my command, he was the most powerful of my angles, but also the most paranoid he craved power to the point he conducted body modification experiments on himself to make himself more powerful.  I had no choice but to battle him in order to save the entire planet. I managed to seal him in an underground area, this spot became the country's court house but it had a price.

Double D: What was that?

Principal: I am much weaker than I used to be, so while I can wander from place to place, if Miara breaks free, I cannot stop him, Miara has power that surpasses mine now.

Double D: Thank you for you're time.

Principal: No Problem.

School, basement, inside

(We see Nukesaku enter the room)

Fun and Games Nukesa10

Nukesaku: Where is that device.

(as Nukesaku looks around he notices a massive key. He grabs it.)

Nukesaku: The key to my master's prison soon I will use it to free him and get my reward.

End Credits:



. The entire episode is based on sitcoms and playing video games

. Miara is based on the Anthropomorphic Personification of Temptations in the Buddhist religion
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Fun and Games Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fun and Games   Fun and Games Icon_minitimeSun Jul 07, 2013 2:59 pm

That was a lot of summer time fun read:cheers: cheers cheers 
I really liked the music selections ss. instrumental and YES !!!!!!!!!!!
The choice of games were fun.
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Fun and Games
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