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 On the Moon

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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On the Moon Empty
PostSubject: On the Moon   On the Moon Icon_minitimeTue Jun 25, 2013 8:31 am

Double D'S house, garage, inside, day

(We see Double D working on highly complex machinery, suddenly Ed comes holding a box of cereal and holding the bowl.)

Ed: Hi Double D, what are you working on?

Double D: It's a spaceship, I'm planning on visiting the moon.

Ed: MMMMM Cereal, Can I come too.

Double D: Sure why not, come along.........................wait a minute, Ed is the cereal you're eating suppose to turn the milk purple?

Ed: Not really, but it tastes good.

(Double D picks up the box of cereal and reads the expiration date.)

Double D: This expired three years ago...........................

(Suddenly Mushrooms start growing in Ed's cereal bowl.)

Double D: Let's visit the grocery store first.

(The opening credits role in the same format of a Doctor Who episode)

Opening theme:





On The Moon

(We see Ed, Double D and Eddy gathered around a the spaceship which they all enter.)

Double D: ready for take off.

Ed & Eddy: Ready

(Double D puts on the radio as they blast off into space)


(They walk out on to the moon where they are walking without breathing apparatuses )

Double D: Wait we can breathe on the moon?

Eddy: I guess those astronauts didn't have enough bravery to try it out.

Double D: I could never say that to an astronaut.

Eddy: Either way this place is boring, is there anything to do here.

(We see Ed eating space rocks.)



(We see that they continue to wander the moon looking for something to do.)

Double D: Look Eddy, there's something up ahead.

Eddy: As long as it keeps me interested I don't really care Sock-head.

Ed: Double D do you know what it is.

Double D: it's some kind of building

(They approach the building to see it looks like this.)

On the Moon C14

Building, inside

(We see the Eds walk inside the building to see some kind of complex temple like structure inside the area and it looks unbelievably ancient)

Double D: Judging the age of the structure of the building they were probably built around Triassic period.

Eddy: what did you say about the place being built?

Double D: 252-201 million years ago.

Ed: That's older than the box of cereal I ate this morning.

(They look around and Ed accidentally presses a button turning on a radio)


(Ed Dances to the Music, Double D notices several documents kept in some kind of box and takes them with him, Eddy Notices some gold and takes it with him.)

Eddy: Well guys let's leave this place-

(Suddenly a large robot emerges it looks like this.)

On the Moon Xenobo10

Robot: Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert, Annihilate the threats that they pose on this facility.

(Double D and Ed Procedure to fight the robot as they battle they destroy most of the building they were standing in.)

Double D: Man this guy's strong.

Ed: does he want sugar crisp?

(Double D and Ed Finally combine their attacks and manage to destroy it.)

Double D: Eddy when you grabbed the treasure you caused this attack.

Eddy (Sarcastically): Like I care!

Double D: Let's go home.

Double D'S House, night, inside

(We see Double D sitting in his house reading the documents kept in the case.)

Double D: Intriguing................What does this all mean? What are these things being described in all cases of these documents?

(He stands up and starts pacing)


(We see Nukesaku talking to someone on the phone. the voice sounds like the alien in this clip

On the Moon Nukesa12

Nukesaku: Master this is Nukesaku can you read me.

Voice (Off Screen): Yes.

Nukesaku: I have some good news and bad news.

Voice (Off Screen): What is it?

Nukesaku: The Bad News is you're hideout on the moon has been infiltrated by those Eds I think they might pose a threat against you.

Voice (Off Screen): Good News?

Nukesaku: I save millions switching to a new insurance plan.

Voice (Off Screen): Listen carefully Nukesaku, I want you to destroy those three boys when you get the chance, they posses a power grater than I imagined. I want you to try to find a way to syphon their abilities into my body.

Nukesaku: Yes sir.

End Credits:



. The Triassic period occurred in between 252-201 million years ago

. The opening spoofs Doctor Who

. The Entire episode is a spoof on the films Apollo 13 and Prometheus

. The Entire episode was inspired by this song

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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On the Moon Empty
PostSubject: Re: On the Moon   On the Moon Icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 7:28 pm

Love the music you selected it was so unique.
One change Have the cereal be 3 years old instead of 3 months. With all the preservatives items have along shelf life.

The image was so cool for the moon base-really different.

The joke at the end of saving millions on car insurance-PRICELESS lol lol lol lol cheerscheerscheerscheers
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On the Moon
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