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 After Party at the Grim Reaper's House

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After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Empty
PostSubject: After Party at the Grim Reaper's House   After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 9:17 am

(We see Oingo Von Bermuda talking to a group of people.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Guttma16

Oingo Von Bermuda: Listen up everyone we are going to the Grim Reaper's house and we are going to find a super weapon inside.

(We then see a mysterious man who looks like this.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House C13

Mysterious Man: Could explain why we need to go to the Grim Reaper's house?

Oingo Von Bermuda: to gain a super weapon to make you more powerful, I even sent a spy in there to make sure everything will go according to plan!

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House

Opening theme:

(As we hear this song play we see several cars drive up to a house Ed, Double D, Eddy and Nazz wearing their normal outfits, they step out. The House that looks like this.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Death_12

Eddy: what is this place?

Double D: This is were the Grim Reaper lives.

Nazz: It could use more color.

Eddy: Yeah sure whatever I just want to gamble.

Double D: You do realize were about to have a party with a being that is the anthropomorphic personification of death, right.

Ed: Cool! I want to meet this monster myself, maybe have a Halloween costume based on him

(Johnny and Plank step out of the car.)

Jonny: Wow Plank take a look at this house, if only I had a camera. I'm hungry for granola and Mexican food.

(Double D rings the door bell and the grim reaper answers. He sounds like this

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Death_10

Grim Reaper: Oh............what do you kids want now?!

Double D: The Principal sent us here for the after party.

Grim Reaper: In that case come on in.

Grim Reaper's House, inside

(We see it has a bright and funky looking interior. The Grim Reaper sits the entire group of large amount of students inside.)

Grim Reaper: Before you go off and party I just want to educate you with one minor detail about life in general, don't do anything that could be fatal in this place or you might no be resurrected.

(Everyone looks confused except Ed who is applauding, everyone then turns to look at him in confusion.)

Grim Reaper: anyhow it's time to party.

(As everyone's partying we see Double D put on a formal outfit he's alone and looking at the balcony of the Grim Reaper's house.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Green_11

Double D: *Sigh* Today's been a long day, at least I made my parents proud.

(Double D turns around and sees Nazz on the balcony too.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Blue_n11

Nazz: hi Double D! You want to dance

(Double D face turns bright red.)

Double D: Sure thing Nazz.

(Double D and Nazz dance to the music)


(We see Eddy sitting at a table waiting for someone to gamble with. As he's shuffling cards in his deck Jonny)

Jonny: Hi Eddy, what are we going to do today!

Eddy: some poker, or are you too crazy to understand the game.

Jonny: Am I crazy? Plank says I'm fine.

Eddy: You have to bet something to play with for the game.

Jonny: I BET MY SOUL!!!

Eddy:................................what, well OK let's play.

Jonny: I'm just going to warn you the only card game I ever played was Yugi-oh.

Eddy: Let's just play.


(Eddy and Jonny are given cards they are at the final round of the game.)

Eddy: Well I guess we should show our cards......wait why didn't you look at you're cards.

Jonny: I hold.

Eddy: Well I know that but why didn't you look at you're cards! You could have a bad hand!

Jonny: I Also bet the soul of Rolf Zaland.

Eddy: Again you can't gamble souls!

(Suddenly he turns around to see Jonny with a lolly pop)


Jonny: What this, you want one, I can't blame you because Lolly pops are cool.

(Eddy then blinks and sees Jonny holding juice.)


Jonny: Want some?


(Jonny sees his cards.)

Jonny: Wow I have a bad hand, but I won because my opponent surrendered, talk about being lucky.

(Eddy collapses out of frustration and Suddenly we see a group of people storm the building as Nazz and Double D walk down the hallway for the water fountain)

Mysterious Man: Find the super weapon now we need it.

Ed: I wonder if there's a gift shop here.

(Oingo creates an energy field trapping everyone inside EXCEPT for Nazz, Ed, Double D.)

Ed: Aw man I'm hungry.

(Double D and Nazz walk into a room where they see various different types of swords and scythes)

Nazz: What is this room used for Double D?

Double D: This room is used for the Grim Reaper to carry weapons with him in case someone were to attack him.

Nazz: Which ones should we take?

Double D: Anyone that you want really.

(Nazz Takes a Samurai Sword, Double D takes a Scythe as they walk down the hallway they see a shadow of something Double D looks nervous as he sees a shadow emerge from the corner...........)

Ed: Do you know where the gift shop is Nazz.

Nazz & Double D: *Sigh of relief*

(Suddenly the group is ambushed by the Army.)

Double D: You ready Ed.

Ed: I was born Ready!

(Ed, Nazz, and Double D proceed to fight the army of people, Ed uses his bare hands to attack them, Nazz uses the Samurai sword to attack them, and Double D uses a scythe to fight them attack them. They fight their way to the basement.)

Trapped room, inside energy field

(We see the Grim Reaper talking to Jonny, Eddy and everyone else)

Grim Reaper: Other than being humans in the world there are two types of beings in the cosmos the Angles who acts as a middle man to help other people in life, and there are Over Gods beings who These are beings far more powerful than angles and control the workings of the omniverse. There are eight of them, according to and they are not worshipped on the world, the general populace being unaware of their existence. There is no single word that can effectively explain their role, which seems to be to observe in a dynamic way, in order for the observed events to actually be able to happen It might be simpler to say the multiverse exists because they believe in it. Virtually nothing is known about their role in world affairs, except that, in prehistory, they substantially reduced the amount of magic on world. I the Grim Reaper am one of the Over Gods and So is you're school principal. Where's my butler?

Eddy: you have a butler


(Nazz, Double D, and Ed finally make it to the bottom of the place to see some guy accompanying Oingo Von Bermuda and the Mysterious man.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Nukesa11

Double D: Who are you?

Nukesaku: my name is Nukesaku and this is the gang who hired me, they said they would give me candy if I managed to accomplish their goals, which was to act as their spy.

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Guttma15

Oingo Von Bermuda: I will deal with these miscreants myself. Prepare to be destroyed at the hands of Oingo Von Bermuda!

(Oingo Von Bermuda proceeds to fire telepathic energy beams at Nazz, Double D and Ed after a long battle of trying to fight Oingo Von Bermuda they manage to inflict heavy damage on him, causing him to faint.)

Mysterious Man: You're too late, I shall control whatever lies inside

(He inserts a key into a coffin like structure summoning something and causing the entire army standing before including the Mysterious Man and Nukesaku to gaze in amazement a butler emerges.)

After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Geoffr12

Nukesaku: where's my candy?

Butler: I can't make candy but I know how to make a vegan breakfast and manipulate time!

(We see the villains eating a vegan breakfast disappointed as Nazz, Double D and Ed Walk away.)

Nazz: Well that's over with!

Double D: You Want to Dance again?

Nazz: Sure thing.

(As they dance Nazz, trips on a rock causing her to fall on top of Double D, accidentally kissing him, both turn bright red and walk away smiling)

Ed: Where's the gift shop and snack bar?

Jonny: There's no gift shop Ed or a snack bar.

Eddy: Let's go home.

End Credits:



. Jonny's last name Joestar is named after “Jonathan Joestar” a character in the comedy skits of ANTFISH

. Rolf's last name Zaland is a very common last name in both India and Iran

. The entire episode was inspired by this song

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Empty
PostSubject: Re: After Party at the Grim Reaper's House   After Party at the Grim Reaper's House Icon_minitimeFri Jun 21, 2013 6:36 pm

That is an after party that I would not want to go to. lol
The images you selected were cute.
Defenitely a paranormal activity lol
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After Party at the Grim Reaper's House
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