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 The Last Day of School

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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The Last Day of School  Empty
PostSubject: The Last Day of School    The Last Day of School  Icon_minitimeMon Jun 17, 2013 8:35 am

Double D's house, day, inside

(We see Double D in bed as he's waking up. He's not wearing his hat revealing he has long black hair.)

Double D: OK now what is today's date?

(We see Double D checking the calendar we see he looks at it in total shock.)

Double D: Today's the last day of school?!

The Last Day of School


(as the opening credits we see Double D getting ready.)

Double D: I can't wait to graduate this year! I hope I make my Mother and father proud!

Outside, day

(We see Eddy Walking down the street as the opening credits role)

Eddy: *Grumbling to himself*.

(Double D approaches him with a happy expression on his face.)

Eddy: What is wrong with you Double D, why the heck are you looking at me like that?

Double D: Well Eddy today is when we graduate.

Eddy: What?

Double D: You know advancing to the next grade!

Eddy: I still have no idea why that's something to get excited over.

Double D: Did you see Ed by any chance?

Eddy: Do I Look like I know!

Backyard, Day

(We See Ed Sleeping in a hammock)

Ed: What's today's date I cant remember, either way I'm hungry and I need something to eat.

(Ed starts to eat mushrooms that are found on the ground and is not affected by them.)

Ed: MMMMMMMM I should bring these for lunch.

(Ed realizes something)

Ed: Oh I have to go to school. Oh well. *Singing* Boys and Girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange! Come with us and you will see.....................

(Ed rips a tree out of the ground and throws it into the air he then rides on it as he continues to sing.)


School, Day, Outside

Eddy: How does this game plan work exactly? What the Heck is going on!?

Double D: Well Eddy, were going to graduate today, but first were going to meet in our class room where we will put on fancy suits and await the reward that we shall receive.

Eddy: That all the stuff were going to get are we honestly going to do this today.

Double D: You know Eddy despite being older than me by at least one year you're pretty ignorant.

Eddy: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!! *sigh* Fine by me as long as I get some kind of reward.

Double D: You know that kind of mentality might bite you in the butt one day.................

(Double D notices something.)

Double D: Eddy what's that in the sky.

Eddy: Huh

Double D: It looks like a burning tree and it's coming right at us.

(Double D and Eddy jump out of the way. As the smoke clears we see Ed emerge from the ashes.)

Ed: WAZ UP!!!!!

Double D: Oh.............Hello Ed.

Ed: What's all the excitement for!

Double D: *Whispers everything in Ed's Ear*

Ed: Wait really!? COOL!!!!! Do I get to eat toast!

(Double D and Eddy Stare at each other.)


(We See a Teacher who looks like this.)

The Last Day of School  Wormwo10

Teacher: Calling everyone to the front lobby make sure everyone is looking their best and with a smile.

(We see some noises coming out of the lockers Eddy Comes out wearing a suit that looks like this)

The Last Day of School  Purple10

Eddy: Hey Sock head Come out.

(Double D exits wearing a suit that looks like this.)
The Last Day of School  Green_10

Double D: Eddy have you seen Ed?

Ed: Here I am.

(Double D and Eddy turn around and see Ed is wearing a suit that looks like this.)

The Last Day of School  Power_10

Double D & Eddy: WHAT THE HECK!!!

Ed: I look great don't I!

Double D: Um......Right.

Eddy: You look stupid!

Ed: I don't care.

Double D: Now were going to have to separate because were assigned in different chairs, got it.

Ed & Eddy: Right.

(Ed and Eddy sit next to each other while Double D sits several rows behind.)

Double D: I wounder what order were going to be called up in?

(We see Nazz arrive and sit next to Double D she's wearing a dress that looks like this)

The Last Day of School  Blue_n10

Nazz: Hello Double D, how are you doing?

(Double D turns bright red in response.)

Double D: Great Nazz, You're looking nice in that dress.

Nazz: Really, thank you!

Double D: any hobbies or interests you have lately.

Nazz: Nothing so far.

Double D: The same.


(We see Ed and Eddy talking.)

Eddy: Here's a book I got for you as a present.

(Eddy takes out a Japanese comic book and gives it to Ed. It looks like this.)

The Last Day of School  C12

Ed: Gee thanks Eddy........................wait how do I read it.

Announcer: Edmund Hill.

Ed: Eddy how do I read it.

Eddy: Well all you have to do-

Announcer: Edmund Hill!

Eddy: figure it out for you're self.

(Ed walks up to the podium and picks up the award.)

(Announcer calls several more names.)


Announcer: Eddgar Sampson.

Eddy: *asleep*

Announcer: Eddgar Sampson!

Eddy: *still asleep*

Announcer: EDDGAR SAMPSON!!!!

Eddy: What, oh CURD!!!!

(Eddy runs up to get to the podium and grabs his award.)

Announcer: Nazz Van Bartonschmeer

(Nazz walks up and takes the award)

Double D: She's very Beautiful.

Announcer: Lastly Eddward Vincent.

(Double D walks up and grabs his award.)

Eddy: Hey everyone Party at my place.

(Everyone except Nazz, Ed, and Double D follow Eddy outside.)

Double D: Just what did his hair-brained scams do this time.

Ed: See you round guys, I want to be a real power ranger.

Double D: Wait Ed, you don't have real super powers!

Nazz: See you round Double D.


(we see a prison and see someone leading a huge creature to a person.)

The Last Day of School  Guttma14

Announcer: Prisoner Number 119 is needed for special purposes!

(The monster does break loose)

The Last Day of School  Guttma13

Prisoner Number 119: Normally I would say I'm sorry but I'm not.

(we see that he then runs to the office.)

Silhouette: Oingo Von Bermuda   better known by his alias, I expected to see you here.

(We finally see the Creature's entire body it looks like this)

The Last Day of School  Guttma12

Oingo Von Bermuda: Why do you need me sir.

Silhouette: Wait you're telepathic...........anyways I need you to act as my servant temporally because of you're physic abilities remember this is only a temporally release sentence and you will be put back in you're cell.

Oingo Von Bermuda: I shall serve you sir.

End Credits:



. The Song Ed was singing at the beginning was This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas

. According to an interview with the Voice Actress who portrays Nazz she states that the character's last name is Van Bartonschmeer

. The Eds last names are all based on their voice actors

. Ed is voiced by Matt Hill

. Eddy is voiced by Tony Sampson

. Double D is voiced by Samuel Vincent

. Oingo Von Bermuda   Sounds like this

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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The Last Day of School  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Last Day of School    The Last Day of School  Icon_minitimeTue Jun 18, 2013 5:04 pm

Whoa hoo last days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked the theme and the music you selected. Cheeseburger appropriate and the fun music for the
setting.  Favorite surprise was the music for the before ceremony with the bells-real neat!!!!!

Funny how they did not remember the importance of the day lol
Funny how they did not recognize their full names-I had to read 3 times then even I got it.  I was like Who?

The images you selected we fun-they looked very well dressed.

Great way to end the school year

One correction when miss wormwood calls the children to the lobby-change to looking your best and with a smile!  some kids may not be able to afford the fancy clothes and dresses
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The Last Day of School
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