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 Unlikeable Villians?

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Unlikeable Villians? Empty
PostSubject: Unlikeable Villians?   Unlikeable Villians? Icon_minitimeFri Apr 05, 2013 5:58 pm

We need Villians to tell a story and sometimes these villians are dispicible, here are some examples.

Dangerously Crazy

Music for the First Half of the Article

Unlikeable Villians? 0221

This person posses unpredictableness in their behavior

A "dangerously crazy" character is someone who is psychologically unstable and presents a clear danger to others. They are capable of extreme rage, and with no way of knowing just what will set them off, this makes them extremely frightening to deal with. Also be prepared to expect them to burst out into insane laughter while out on the attack. This mainly differentiates them from other eccentric characters who may themselves be obsessive, weird or seemingly crazy, but use this condition hand in hand with doing good, or at least not being in the way.

They are violent, agressive and crazy to the point that they pose a threat to everyone around them

Unlikeable Villians? Red_sa10

Don't mess with Them. Seriously. I mean it. Actually, try to avoid being anywhere near them, period. They're one of those folks who doesn't handle ANY form of power well.

They usally carry swords, chainsaws or axes as offensive weapons and demonstrate trigger happy tendices that can often make them dangerous to have around and not contained.

Some are so crazy that their own goons have to take them to a psychiatrist. When Their own army decides that they need therapy, that's about the definition of Dangerously Crazy. Their behavior was too much for therapist to handle causing damage to the hospital that would take CENTURIES to rebuild.

Did I forget to mention that they are often found in horror films

Fotunally in lighter stories they are Laughably Evil.

Unlikeable Villians? Yander12

Sheeps Cloathing Facade

Music for the Second Half of the Article

Unlikeable Villians? 0223

This is a person who pretends to be sweet and harmless on the outside, but is actually curel and heartless on the inside

They Might seem like a really Nice Guy/Girl, or perhaps you meet a favorite celebrity for the first time, thinking that they'll be just as warm-hearted and cool as they are on camera. However, something happens to show their true colors, revealing an immature brat, total Jerk, or even outright villain.

Eaither that or they're not that nice but only pretend to be around authorties

Unlikeable Villians? Weird_13

He acts nice toward citizens, but in truth he couldn't care less about them and isn't above experimenting on them, intentionally getting them exposed to chemicles, or even ordering their deaths if he has reason to. He dosen't care about his own minions

Their favorite tactic pretending to be a victim to manipulate others of this sort of antagonist, and if they are genuinely evil, expect them to be a Villain with Good Publicity.

The "Nice Guy" who hides a cruel, self-centered nature under superficial inoffensiveness is also counts.

Smug Behavior

Music for the Article

Unlikeable Villians? Purple10

This is a type of character (usually cast as a villain) who tends to treat friends and enemies alike with equal disdain. They almost constantly speak in a sarcastic tone and punctuate most of their sentences with a smirk. Where they aspire to be a formidable and awe-inspiring adversary they often end up just being a Big Bad Wannabe, failing in the face of more cunning villains or ending up as their servants, to which they are most likely a Bad Boss to and often take their anger out on them, even if it's for no reason. Others become this because are simply in it to bug the good guys and take advantage of their moral insecurity.

Unlikeable Villians? Almigh11

A key character trait common to this villian is overconfidence. He is usually too arrogant to be rattled. Most often, they will think themselves to be the Magnificent Chessmaster. While they may believe that they have the situation under control (whether they do so through blackmail, coercion, or simply being in a position of authority), there will usually be a hole in that plan that they failed to consider. Perhaps they underestimated their opponents' abilities and claimed themselves unbeatable, or maybe they made a really stupid mistake along the way. Once that realization hits, expect this Snake to lose their cool right before everything starts falling apart for them. They are not necessarily entirely incompetent or ineffectual, however, and may succeed with at least part of their goals, but they are still lacking that charm and grace that the Magnificent Chessmaster possesses. Often a Know-Nothing Know-It-All as well, to inspire added bile, though still enough to take the 'sympathetic' out of Ineffectual and Sympathetic Villain (the best of them are Insufferable Geniuses heavy on the former and light on the latter). If a he sometimes considers himself a Magnificent Chessmaster.

Unlikeable Villians? Yellow10

Most of the time, a writer will purposely introduce a this villian as a target for audience hate by making them Kick a Dog or bend the rules to get their way and come out smelling like a rose. Basically, this is a villain that's made to be hated and the audience will enjoy hating. This, like all other tropes, can backfire if misused. If the writer still tries to foist the character as a Magnificent Chessmaster when their previous actions have proven otherwise, the audience will likely stop enjoying to hate the character, and instead genuinely hate them alot.

He dreams of conquering and enslaving the world, but if he comes close he's often cut back down to size.

He's also a condescending little jerk with all ego issues and almost no redeeming qualities.

They are an egotistical Scumbag, who while quite intelligent, fails to earn the audience's respect or admiration, due to their selfishness, pettiness, willingness to destroy countries just so they can live a little longer, and attempts at trying to destroy the Hero's Love Interest, borderline sociopathy, tendency towards A cruel and possibly pointless actions, can and do cost him the sympathy of many, while his sheer ego, and tendency towards underestimating his opponents and the incompetence of his own allies, his arrogance gets in the way of him giving some of his opponents as much credit as he should, being arrogant without reason, none-too bright, unsympathetic , fully convinced that he is The Big Bad, Treating both allies and enemies with disdain, Always speaking in a sarcastic tone, ending it with a smirk, Loves to bug the protagonist and take advantage of his moral insecurity, and Overconfident that his plans will go exactly the way he wants.

Sometimes they can be humourous version of this guy Though

Unlikeable Villians? 0184

Complete Monster

Unlikeable Villians? Turbo_12

Music for the Fourth Half of the Article

The Complete Monster is the most depraved of all characters; a villain utterly lacking in redeeming features. Trying to put a value on the evilness of a Complete Monster is like calculating the credit score of Bill Gates: it's a moot point.

Or, anyway, that is how the character is presented in the story. The character is a bad guy, full stop. The author has not taken the character through any actions toward redemption, or at least any that stuck.

The Complete Monster can be recognized by these signs:

• The character is truly heinous by the standards of the story, which makes no attempt to present the character in any positive way.

• The character's terribleness is played seriously at all times, evoking fear, revulsion and hatred from the other characters in the story.

• They are completely devoid of altruistic qualities. They show no regret for their crimes.

They display the following traits:

• He Let's the heroes come into a trap and attempt to harm them. Painfully.

• He gives a sympathetic character a metal breakdown or harm the sympathetic. They might keep them alive but make his/her life miserable.

• He Don't have an excuse for his actions and if he by any chance have an excuse, just make sure your depravity far outweighs your excuse.

• Uses Psychic torture on people that can lead to loss of all hope,destroy their remaining sanity or put themselves out of their misery rather than be put to torture by whatever you have in store.

• Laughing at his victims' misery, especially at their lowest.

• They have no standards, and might try to harm CHILDREN.

• Have no guilt for your actions because it's much more fun to have immense joy in your misdeeds and not regretting a single one.

• If they ever had friends, he betrays them in the worst way possible just as things are looking good

• Is there someone that still trusts them? Do they still believe that there is goodness in them? Then they act like they're right, like they really are redeemable person, then betray them at the worst moment.

Anything goes if it means achieving Their goal!

Man this is making me sick, this person can be any type of villian but he primarly comes in two disgusting flavors

Neutral Evil

Unlikeable Villians? 0224

This incarnation is a manipulative, treacherous high-ranked minion who would cheerfully throwaway his men's lives, thought brainwashing was a useful tool, and had no loyalty to anyone.

he's a seriously depraved creature with love of underhanded tactics, whatever it takes to win. Even children wouldn't be spared. His favorite tactic seems to be 'Human Shields', and anyone's fair game. Even his ally, and after 'tricking' him to work together for the common cause, as well as making him take full brunt of damage when the chips are down against him.

He has no compunctions forcing people to do his bidding, and if they do that, it's no guarantee of survival

A cold, Machiavellian personality who fully believes that Despotism Justifies the Means, He doesn't care about anyone's lives, including those of his own family members, and is willing to do anything to achieve what wants.

He shows zero honor at that: when a person showed mercy for him and the tables were turned for his side, he instead uses the chance to mercilessly and brutally destroyed him. He also doesn't care about any of his subordinate. Even worse, that includes his apparent master. Yes. This guy dosen't about his friends, his child, his master, or HIS WHOLE RACE. It's all about him in his head.

He is responsible for nearly everything bad happening in the Story.

he might inject alien cells into his wife, in order to turn her son into a supersoldier. He later destroys Aerith's father and experiments on both her and her mother. Throughout the game he is implied to manipulate most, if not all, of Sephiroth's actions, because he thinks of Sephiroth as research he wants to see blossom. He conducts experiments on the survivors of one of his own attacks, Attacks the Hero, experiments on him and attempts to help his son destroy the world at the end of the story. It was also implied that he was the one, who wrecked one of the generators at the towns' Reactor to lure the Big Bad to the reactor and receive his first clue about his possible origins placed the implications of Genesis doing this act.

He might try to have copied his mind into the body of an experimental supersoldier and used him to order other experimental supersoldiers to commit mass kidnappings and murders, with the ultimate goal of awakening the Bigger Bad and fusing with it.

Sometimes he's stayed alive this long by jacking innocent people's bodies, ditching them when they start to rot, and repeating the process infinitely. When his own device runs out, he sets in motion a plan to cause so much misery in the town the Heroes live in that someone will be desperate enough to recreate the device, allowing her to steal it with no risk to herself. She's abusive towards her minions, arranges for a hero to harm a sympathetic one, jacks his own assistant's body, and finally, attempts to steal the body of the hero's Love Interests. He later shatters the mind of one of his servants when he dares to miss his dead friend, turning him into a mindless eating machine.

He sometimes convinced people he's a kind master and scientist who just wants to help people. The truth is that he is violently jealous of his former associate of a high ranked doctor and once took that frustration out by blowing up an island. In the present, He keeps multiple children in his lab with promises to cure them of their sickness, and gives them candy to help them. The 'candy' is in truth an addictive manfactured substance to keep them enslaved to him, and his experiments will cause their deaths in five years. He shows no remorse, laughing he can always get more children. He also saved pirates and sailors from death, but uses them as test subjects as well and turns them against their captain who was just trying to save them from Him. When his back is against the wall, He has no compunction harming these men with a poison gas he unleashes in an attempt to harm The Hero. This has no loyalty to anyone but himself and his psychotic ego and combines scientific drive with a sadist's streak a mile long.

He's never shown in a sympathetic light, comes off as an overconfident Jerk in person, and doesn't even have the excuse to protect him.

Chaotic Evil

Unlikeable Villians? 0225

This guy is a malevolent sadist who gets his kicks out of ruining people's lives (joining up with the Big Bad solely so he can harm as many people as possible), abuses both the other minions and anybody they've managed to take prisoner, loves of attacking unarmed people, will take on the forms of people's loved ones before attacking them, and SOMETIMES does casual cannibalism.

He claimed that so long as he had the ability to harm people, he loved who he was

which may lead to evil in the pursuit of attachment-free amusement, someone whose motivation is for no reason acts evilly because they enjoy it. It's not that they don't know or don't care about the morality of their actions - they know and appreciate the difference between good and evil - so much as they enjoy the evil of it all. To them, evil is not a bad means to a good end or even a bad means to an evil end; to them, evil is an end in itself. The evil of an act is all the motivation they need for doing it and their resultant amusement is to them a justification in itself. Generally speaking, and eschewing better and more specific adjectives, the more evil something is the more amusement they derive from it. In many cases, they will outright pride themselves in evil.

He will commit acts of evil that go beyond the realms of cruelty and verge on outright stupidity or spite - such as gleefully using henchmen as human sheilds that would be more helpful alive, planning the destruction of the entire world or use every single chance they get at attempting to fatally injure the Hero's Love intrest, even though she has done and is doing NOTHING to them.

Despite it often being seen as a flaw a villain who uses such brutal tactics can also easily inspire fear and horror, even in other villains - making them especially dangerous "allies" that even other villains tend to avoid.

His favored tools of destruction, are created in one of the most horrific ways imaginable - he finds people grieving at the loss of a loved one and offers to bring them back; if the grieving person accepts, he then rips the soul of the departed from heaven and imprisons it in a black skeletal frame and tries to attack their loved ones.

He uses the body to impersonate them and infiltrate human society to better commit atrocities, feeding the vicious cycle of grieving people unknowingly giving him a way to create ever more of them. Even worse, it's revealed that the more an this bioweapon evolves, the more powerful and evil it becomes, but the soul has a separate consciousness from that of the bioweapon and is forced to powerlessly witness the countless horrors its host perpetrates while writhing in constant agony at the accumulating corruption that eats at it, and by the time an bioweapon becomes level 2, the soul is so tainted that it needs to be prufied with devices. There are FOUR levels. He could restore any and all existing bioweapons whenever he wanted, but never has. Also worth mention is how he gleefully destroys an entire island just to use the place as a base of operations

sometimes they are INSANE shows through the various acts he performs throughout the story including arson, poisoning an entire town, stabbing General Leo to death after the latter tries to stop him, harming the Espers at Thamasa (not caring about the deaths of the Magitek-armored minions accompanying him) and destroying the world halfway through the story.

He ruthlessly and remorselessly wipes out anyone who gets in his way with his bare hands. After he murders The Number 2's father and defeats of The Hero in battle, he laughs at The Number 2 and tells him that he's lucky that he's still alive, meaning that he has absolutely no problem killing children. One of his worst offenses has got to be when he forced a tailor to overwork on making an outfit for him in about three days...which he rewarded by destroying him. When he returns to a Tower to look for the one device he neglected to find, he grabs the Hero and throws him against the tower (fortunately, he was saved by his mentor).

When he acts polite even offhandedly commenting to a hostage that he uses his sick jokes to put his "patients" at ease.

He may look like an overstuffed potato sack living in a cross between a cheesy blacklight funhouse and a casino, but he's actually a sadistic monster who slowly torments people with rigged games of chance before cooking them up, eating them and casual cannibalism.

He seeks joy in destruction and is prone to laughing like mad amidst the chaos. He has also stated that he enjoys hearing people scream.

Combine his "jovial seemingly family friendly musical" routine with his hideously menacing appearance and the fact that his idea of humor includes stuff that goes way beyond "tickle torture," to be frank it's more like dissection, and you get some of the purest Nightmare inducing character.

What they Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil have in common

Unlikeable Villians? 0272

Music for the Fith Half of the Article

• Lack of Empathy: Utterly ruthless doesn't begin to describe him: except for when trying to appear normal, he is Above Good and Evil and will disregard any social norms, rules and morality in pursuit of his own self-centered goals. The Complete Monster will do whatever it takes: lie, cheat, steal, extort, manipulate, or use outright violence without the slightest hesitation, disgust or remorse, and does this for Kicks. Mass Destruction has no more emotional weight than eating Chinese takeout to him, and he has no concern for the direct or collateral damage he does to other people, being unable to understand why anyone should. Techniques for learning moral behaviour, such as reason, therapy, rehabilitation and behavioural reward/punishment, will not work on him or tend to only make his behaviour even worse by making it easier for him to fake it.

He can seem polite and reasonable and is even kind of goofy in his first meeting with the Hero, but beneath it all, he's devoid of empathy towards anyone, and there's plenty of scenes which show him savoring opportunities to torment humans.

Note that a character who lacks empathy can still be perfectly capable of cognitive empathy; that is, the ability to recognise and identify an emotion- they might not be able to share in somebody's happiness or sadness, but they have learnt well enough what happiness or sadness look like, and coupled with the lack of remorse this tends to result in a ruthlessly effective and manipulative scumbag.

Unlikeable Villians? Frieza10

He also uses a FACADE of being incredibly polite, friendly, civil, charming, rarely outright insults someone, tends to talk in a calm, friendly manner, an all-around charismatic fellow, or sometimes a goofy and silly person, butbut at his core, he's completely self-centered and evil because he will NEVER drop his facade even while he's got you tied up and offering someone a choice between working for him or TRYING TO HARM YOU by dropping someone from several hundred feet and is releshing in this the entire time.

He Will Say things like, "Want to become a magical girl and have your own miracle? Great! Make a contract with me. Oh, and, uh, it'll only cost you your soul and end with you you becoming the very thing you fight through sheer, eventual despair. Toodles!"

Sometimes he can appear in a form that is psychologically appealing to young girls for the 'cutesy' element and playing on the natural inferiority the girls possess into manipulating them into making a contract that ultimately results in their death for so called "Good of the Universe". There's a particular reason he doesn't seem to chose current world victims that are old enough to understand the concept of trust..........

he pretends to be a charming, laid-back guy, but in reality, he's just being condescending; other people are insignificant insects to him and he doesn't hesitate to tell them this, when he doesn't need them anymore. When he realizes Urahara's smarter than he is and Ichigo's a lot stronger than he is, the Mr. Nice Guy -act goes right out the window.

He acts polite and serene almost all the time, even while he uses Intense psychic abilities to mess with peoples heads by implanting their brains with Fake Memories. When someone suffers a mental breakdown due to conflicting memories, the facade drops, revealing a sadistic monster.

He might act goofy and silly while going around rampaging and attacking innocent civillians people. Including his employers and co-workers.

He is so unhinged that he is all too willing to kill and manipulate anyone who gets in his way, or whomever he believes is a threat to him

The affable demeanor hides a monster and doesn't waver even when he's getting ready to unleash a deadly plague across a country or while his minions are kidnapping and interrogate a harmless person

He may be a pure barbarian who has spent his life carefully learning to pretend to have ethics, manners, and reasons for his actions beyond the basic infliction or avoidance of pain for those times the fiction proves useful.

• Consummate Deception Skills: Not just any ordinary good liar, He is good enough to fool any Living Lie Detectors in the cast, can pass any polygraph with flying colors and fool even you, the audience. Many crime dramas and thrillers have a plot twist that the crying victim or seemingly-insane defendant was really this Sociopath pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone involved and only the hero witnesses the truth in the last private moment or conversation between him and the sociopath.

• Superficial or Faux Affably Evil Charm and Persuasion: They are is a Machiavellian plotter, and despite his Lack of Empathy he can understand the science of psychology, knowing how emotions and desires influence other people's actions. This allows him to manipulate them using his aforementioned deception skills for the sake of personal gain.

This is a villain whose polite mannerisms only serve to enhance their evil. They lack a villainous demeanor, yet they are truly, wholly, and unrepentantly evil regardless. This kind of villain maintains a friendly, courteous mask even as they commit incredibly heinous acts. Unlike Affably Evil characters, whose niceness is genuine, Faux Affably Evil villains adopt this pleasant persona. An Affably Evil villain will treat The Hero like a friend, and will be reluctant to mark them as an enemy. A Faux Affably Evil villain will treat The Hero like a friend, even as they are brutally injuring them.

A Faux Affably Evil character's demeanor is an act. At heart, they're utterly soulless, but they mask it with a pleasant, polite, "normal" attitude, perhaps because they have social standards to live up to or because their pleasantness reflects their sheer enjoyment of evil. They might engage in friendly-seeming banter with one of the main characters, whose grandfather he brutally destroyed. It's anyone's guess what this kind of villain will do if they suffer a mental breakdown; maybe they will drop all pretenses and find that they are Not so Above It All, or maybe they will fall into a state of Serenity, blabbering off-kilter pseudo-mannerisms as they lapse into their final and greatest puppy extermination spree.

Incase you're wondering how evil they are at best they come dangerously close to crossing the line and at worst they are simply a Complete Monster that pretends to be a charming, laid-back guy, but in reality, they're just being condescending; other people are insignificant insects to them and he doesn't hesitate to tell them this, when he doesn't need them anymore, all we know is when they are about to loose the Mr. Nice Guy -act goes right out the window.

They often demonstrate traits such as being Vain, Power-Hungry, Cruel, Jealous, Ruthless, Scheming, Cunning, Persuasive, Brutal, Impatient, Cowardly, Uncaring, Unkind, Arrogant, Sadistic, Abusive, Proud, Vengeful, Manipulative, Arrogant or Greedy.

Fate of the Complete Monster

Unlikeable Villians? Oogie_14

Usally the Complete Monster has his plans foiled, followed by a Metal Breakdown, and eventually is killed by the hero a very good showing of just how horrid this guy is would be the reaction the heroes have to him in the last phase of the final battle. The heros finally gets strong enough and turns the tables on him. Cue the hero one of the most hate-filled glares in history while everyone else cheers for the villian's demise before the hero kills The Complete Monster down while he's begging for mercy, killing him WHILE HE'S BEGGING FOR MERCY IS COMPLETLY ACCEPTABLE ACTION. THAT'S HOW MESSED UP THIS INVIDIVUAL IS.

Here is an example

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Unlikeable Villians? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unlikeable Villians?   Unlikeable Villians? Icon_minitimeSat Apr 06, 2013 6:05 am

You do not realize just how many villains are in our shows for entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
The characters you selected were spot on for having these traits.

Just one edit. the part when you have them as a trait kill the other-rephrase to HARM.
However aside from Scar in Lion king most have the other characteristics.

The music was appropriate for these people. I forgot about Big edd's little sister.
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Unlikeable Villians?
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