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 Zim, GIR, The Mother, The Queen of Terror, The Frogs, and The Pirates

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Invader Zim

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Name: Invader Zim
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PostSubject: Zim, GIR, The Mother, The Queen of Terror, The Frogs, and The Pirates   Fri May 11, 2012 3:23 pm

Zim, GIR, The Mother, The Queen of Terror, The Frogs, and The Pirates

Opening theme:

Japanese shipyard, day

(We See a Mom and her two kids walking near a ship.)

Mom: So what do you have in mind kids?

Little Boy: Fishing trip.

Little Girl: Come on it will be great.

(They approach a ship the Captain and First Mate are..............ZIM AND GIR.)

Zim: Um GIR don't eat those worms we need that for bate.

Mom: Who are you?

Zim: I'm the ships I need a Second Mate I hired.

GIR: Who is that girl, Zim.

(Suddenly a Girl runs up on to the ship. She looks like this.)

Girl: Ola Senior!

Zim: Who are you miss?

Girl: Oh......I'm your Second Mate, my Babysitter convinced me to get the job.

Zim: Were set to take off.

(The Boat activates some kind of rocket at the back send everyone propelling across the water.)

Mom: My wait till I tell my husband about this, don't we get some music.

Zim: Of course......GIR turn on the radio.

GIR: Right.


(after sailing for sometime they land at a certain part of the ocean.)

Zim: Well here we are.

Little Boy: Where are we Captain.

Zim: this place is where most people fish for some of the biggest kinds of fish, kids, Ladies, and Um....dogs get out fishhooks.


Girl: Oh boy I want to fish!

(As everyone gets out some fishing hooks and wait near the water for some fish. The Second Mate starts to make some tea and everyone drinks it.)

Zim: We have been waiting for hours how long are those fish waiting.

GIR: While you guys are sitting down their I'm going to check for food in the lower deck.

(Suddenly the fishing hook shakes.)

Little Boy: I got something.

Zim: Reel it in!

Girl: You can do it.

(Everyone helps the little boy reel the fish in and they see-)

Patrick: So this is why Mr. Krabs told us not to sit down on fishing hooks.

Sponge-bob: Hey guys...........*cough* I need to be put back in the ocean.

(Patrick and Sponge-bob start to dry up, Zim then throws the Starfish and the Sea Sponge back in the ocean. Zim checks his fishing hook. Suddenly a Japanese Spider Crab shoots out of the water. He looks like this.)

Zim: W-whoa a Japanese Spider Crab.

Japanese Spider Crab: Hey freak get out of my territory.

Zim: W-what.

Japanese Spider Crab: Battle Time!

(Zim simply fires his energy gun at the spider crab reducing him into a cooked crab.)

Mom: When did you learn to fight like that.

Zim: I trained in the army.


Zim: Second mate you come with me.

Girl: OK.

Little Boy: Don't worry well be fine.

Little Girl: after this little doggy will protect us.

Lower deck, inside

(We see a group of silhouette's moving around as Zim and the Second Mate walk through the lower deck.)

Zim: Who is in here.

Girl: Uncle!

Zim: What?

Voice (off screen): Clear the platform, cover your ears, hold nose, abandon false hope, forget the past! THE DAMAGE IS DONE!!! LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!!

(We see a group of creatures jump out, the leader is green, another is red with a scar on his face, another is black with child like features, another is yellow and wears an odd pair of glasses, and last one is blue with a ninja mask on. All have one thing in common they look like........................FROGS)

Zim: Not you Keronians again.

(The Green frog and Black Tadpole, take out walkie talkies they turn to the red frog..)

Keroro: Um Giroro, this is Sergeant Keroro how do they know our species.

Giroro: A-are you in league with the Men In Black?

Zim: Contrary to popular belief the Men In Black Does not exist.

Tamama: Hey sarge, it's me Tamama can I have a cookie. Please.

Zim: You do realize that your standing next to one another.

(The Frogs throw away their walkie talkies The Yellow one begins to speak.)


Kululu:*KUKUKU* I the great scientist Kululu will knock these guys down! That is until you pay me more Yen, Sergeant.

Dororo: I'm Lance Corporal Dororo and have been working with you for 3 years. Does anyone remember me.

Keroro: I have never see you in my life.

Girl: Hi Uncle!

Zim: Hey You Keronian Aliens from planet Keron. What's that over there!

(Keroro, Giroro, Tamama, Kululu, and Dororo look behind them. Zim proceeds to stuff the Keronians in a sack he found.)

Girl: Y-you captured my Babysitter in a bag.

Zim: Beg you pardon.

(Suddenly she is engulfed into a bright blinding light.)

Zim: So that's who she is. I better leave.

Keroro (Voice Off Screen): LET THE TRANSFORMATION BEGIN!!!

Tamama (Voice Off Screen): That woman!

(Suddenly the light clears revealing a alien creature standing in the Girl's place it looks like this.)

Zim: Angol Mois!

Angol Mois: Who wants cookies.

Dororo (Voice Off Screen): I do.

Zim: Say Angol Mois, aren't you the Queen of Terror, that thing the Nut Job named Nostradamus keeps referring to in his books?

Angol Mois: Why yes I am. It's real nice to meet you, mister.

Zim: Can you destroy a planet with you Lucifer Spear?

Angol Mois: Why yes, Daddy told me to do it. Say why are you asking me these questions.

(Zim takes out a hose and sprays Angol Mois with it causing her to loose balance and trip stunning her. Zim takes out some thread and ties up Angol Mois in some yarn.)

Zim: Don't struggle Mois.

Mois: *Muffled noises*

Top, deck, day

GIR: Hey why's there that ship moving near us over there.

Mom: A Jolly Roger quick Run.

GIR: Why?

(The Mom passes GIR a telescope he sees a pirate flag. It looks like this.)


Little Boy and Little Girl: *Screams*

(the pirates start to dock on to the ship and the leader introduces himself. He looks like this.)

Blackstache: Yarr Matey, It is I Captain Blackstache.

GIR: Never heard of you.

(Zim comes aboard on deck dragging a tied up Angol Mois and the Keronians in the sack............Suddenly the frogs break loose and try to attack Zim but instead attack Blackstache.)

Blackstache: Ready the cannons the rats dine on frogs tonight!

Angol Mois: *Muffled Sounds*

(Dororo Cuts Angol Mois free.)

Angol Mois: Thanks mister.

(Suddenly a huge fight occurs Between Zim, Angol Mois and the Keronians, and the Blackstache Pirates Until...............)

Mom: Stop, Just stop I didn't come for any of this........................... my mother's day is ruined.

(Everyone stares at her sadly until GIR get an idea and turns on a radio.)


(Everyone cheers up and dances to the music.)


Later at night

(We see everyone eating some Japanese food.)

Little Boy and Little Girl: HAPPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM!!!

Mom: Best mother day ever.

Zim: Let's go home GIR.

GIR: Alright, Zim.

Pirates (Singing):

(Zim and GIR walk away.)

End Credits:



. The Name “Blackstache” is a cross between the words “Black” and “Mustache”

. Normal adult male Keronians look like this

. Normal adult female Keronians look like this

. Normal Male Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Male Keronian Children look like this

. Normal Female Keronian Tadpoles or Normal Female Keronian Children Look like this

. Keronian Soldiers look like this

. Keronian Police Officers look like this

. Female Keronian Mail Dilvery look like this

Keronian Ninja Masters Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

. Cyborg Keronian Ninjas look like this

. Kunoichi Solider Keronians Look like this

. Keronian Ninja soldiers look like this

. Keronian Scientists Look like this

. Scientist Keronian Tadpoles Look like this

. Keronian Guards look like this


The Irken Empire Shall be victorious

It's time for The Irken Empire Hour, Today's broadcast will feature Wario's Political beliefs and thoughts...

...Oh Right

Zim's Theme
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Government Concil
Government Concil

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Name: spongebob
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PostSubject: Re: Zim, GIR, The Mother, The Queen of Terror, The Frogs, and The Pirates   Sat May 12, 2012 8:19 am


IT IS A SONG THAT APPLIES TO ALL OF US. flower flower flower

Like the music selection-what a variety cheers cherry cheers lol! Crazy

The story was good I like how gir wa Crazy
s going to eat the worms-YUCK

I like Spongebo and patrick s appearence-funny

GREAT MOTHERS DAY GIFT flower flower flower flower flower

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Zim, GIR, The Mother, The Queen of Terror, The Frogs, and The Pirates
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