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 Invaders Zim and Tak vs. The Irken Emperor: Thus Spoke Ms. Bitters

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Invader Zim
Invader Zim

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PostSubject: Invaders Zim and Tak vs. The Irken Emperor: Thus Spoke Ms. Bitters   Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:13 am


Produced, Directed, and Written by: The Irken Empire, Nickelodeon and Paramount pictures

Rating: PG For Violence, Scenes of pearl and some rude humor

Release: summer time

Country: USA

Language: English

(We hear the Narrator's Voice)

Narrator: There was once a group of People known as the Irken Empire, they sent an official known as Zim with his robotic companion GIR to the planet earth to try to conquer it, eventually Zim overthrew the Almighty Tallest and settled down with Tak and MIMI. Eventually Zim and Tak got married. However, a new leader of the Irken Empire known as the Emperor, who used to be the Vice Admiral of the fleet, became promoted to the rank of leader and is now searching to avenge his superiors. 10 YEARS has past and so nothing has changed for Zim and GIR.

Invaders Zim and Tak vs. The Irken Emperor: Thus Spoke Ms. Bitters

Opening Credits:

City, Day

(We see Zim, GIR, and MIMI walking down the streets. MIMI'S disguise looks like this)

Zim: I'm really enjoying this new life I'm living GIR, I have never been in a state of peace prior to having everything I wanted back.

GIR: MMMM Dirt, Come on MIMI you're going to pick the latest shampoo products for us to eat.

(MIMI just shrugs and continues to follow them. As they walk they stumble upon a cardboard box, with something inside.)

GIR: OOOOOO, can I eat it Zim?

Voice (Off Screen): Get Out.

(We see an old lady emerge from the cardboard box, she looks like this.)

Zim: Ms. Bitters!?

GIR: You know her, Zim?

Zim: She was my school teacher.

Ms. Bitters: Oh, it's you guys, what the heck are you doing here and why are you trying to eat my house?

Zim: I didn't mean to-

Ms. Bitters: You know that the universe is a yawning chasm, filled with emptiness and the pure idle meandering of sentience.

Zim: What?

Ms. Bitters: Just get out before I call the police.


(As Zim, GIR, and MIMI walk away, Ms. Bitters takes out a phone-like device.)

Ms. Bitters: Hello Emperor, this is Ms. Bitters, I finally found Invader Zim like you wanted.

Later, Zim's Base, Inside, Day

(We see Tak watching some reality TV show as Zim, GIR, and MIMI enter the house.)


(Tak hugs GIR as she continues to talk)

Tak: Hi guys, you were out shopping I see!

Zim: Yes we were, my dear Tak.

Tak: You really shouldn't have!

(Tak and Zim kiss before putting the shampoo away. GIR and MIMI start trying to operating the oven while Zim watches. MIMI stares confused as GIR takes out a barrel labeled toxic waste and puts it on his tacos.)

GIR: MMMM this is going to be delicious.

Zim: GIR, you have no idea what that is.

GIR: Zim, I'm just going to make a taco, it's green sauce from taco bell and I took it from their construction site.

Zim: That's not taco bell sauce!

GIR: How do you know that, Zim?

Zim: That's toxic substance that some how got in there! Think about it! Since when does taco bell sauce glow!

GIR: Oh.

(Zim takes the toxic waste and puts it in the sewer. Zim then gives GIR some sauce packets)

Zim: Here you go GIR!

Later, Zim's Base, Inside, Night

(We see everyone is asleep, suddenly some bright light shines through waking GIR and MIMI up as they proceed to hide. Suddenly a group of Irkens brake down the door and walk in. Zim and Tak walk in.)

Zim: Is it morning time already.....................oh it's them.

Tak: Could you please explain what's going on?!

Zim: Remember the Vice Admiral, he's tracking us down and he somehow found us.

Tak: How, Zim!?

Zim: He must have a man on the inside, Tak.

Ms. Bitters: That would be me.

(As Zim and Tak look dumbstruck, they are lead into a spaceship, GIR and MIMI sneak inside it while it takes off.)

Spaceship, inside, cell room

Zim: Were probably going to be separated again, Tak! How can this possibly get any worse!

(Suddenly a Jester enters the cell with a ventriloquist dummy. Said dummy has a high pitched squeaky voice.)

Tak: You spoke too soon dear.

Ventriloquist Dummy: Hello Sir, how's it going!

Zim: You do realize I find clown's annoying.

(The Jester takes out a punch and Judy style mallet and whacks both Zim and Tak with it.)

Ventriloquist Dummy: I know!

(Suddenly GIR and MIMI break in and proceed to free Zim and Tak. The Jester flees as Zim destroys the Ventriloquist Dummy with an energy weapon. Zim and Tak chase the Jester through the entire space ship destroying many pieces of equipment in the process.)

Computer: Attention! Be Prepared for a crash landing!

Zim and Tak: Aw, nuts.

GIR: Hang on MIMI, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

(The ship flies out of control as Ms. Bitters vanishes with the rest of her men and the jester. It crash lands near a lake as Zim and his family emerge unharmed.)

Zim: Is everyone all right?

GIR: Yea and these flowers are delicious!

(MIMI tries to roll her eyes.)

Emperor's Palace, Day

(We see the Irken Emperor he looks like this.)

(He then puts on a BURGER KING CROWN and sits on his throne as his men appear before him.)

Emperor: I choose to believe that the reason is some elaborate attempt at humoring me, not because you're incompetent fools.

Ms. Bitters: Oh, I am not a fool sire.

(The men start arguing while the Irken Emperor gets angry.)

Emperor: SILENCE!!!

Ms. Bitters: Silence is my middle name sire.

(The Emperor turns around and sees Ms. Bitters is standing next to him)

Emperor: Ms. Bitters understand this, I need protection, there are those who wish to overthrow me.

(Ms. Bitters teleports on his other side and her turns around)

Emperor: How did you do that?!

Ms. Bitters: I shall protect you with my best endeavor sire, at of course the right price!

(The Emperor stares in confusing at Ms. Bitters teleporting in front of him.)

Ms. Bitters:......Sire

Emperor: There's something about that woman I don't entirely trust, send jester to deal with them, in the mean time I'm going to MC Spacey.

(The Jester takes out a broken ventriloquist dummy which then states.)

Ventriloquist Dummy: I will sir.

(As everyone leaves, Jester takes off his outfit, we can't see what he looks like but his voice goes from high pitch to baritone.)

Silhouette: Zim's destruction is at hand, I shall quicken it.

Irk, Day

(Zim, Tak, GIR, and MIMI wander the land seeing everything is in ruins.)

Tak: How did this happen Zim?

Zim: The Irken Emperor is an idiot who can't manage his own capital and so it lead to ruin. He can't even make the trains run on time.

GIR: MMMM Sand, hey MIMI, what's that?

(As they continue to wander they notice a pile of something, when they appear to walk near it, they see it's a bunch of destroyed robots. They then notice a something standing on top of the pile.)

GIR: Y-you did this?

Silhouette: Correct.

(He tries to attack GIR but before he can do anything MIMI slugs him sending him flying into the pile, Zim and Tak run into the area and notice everything around them. We finally see the Jester/silhouette’s true form)

Zim: Dib!

Tak: Isn't he supposed to be in another reality, like you banished him!

Dib: Correct, but a worm hole experiment of the Irken Emperor brought me here and I now shall exact my revenge upon you.

Zim: I haven't done anything to your planet.

Dib: It doesn’t matter, I just to fight you and your pathetic family.

Zim: What manner of creature are you?! Those robots were your own men!

Dib: Creature? I am what happens when a man lets go of his morals and decides to not be bound by law, you pathetic worm. Besides they weren't human so they don't count, just like you.

Zim: Those robots were nothing but loyal to you, and yet you betrayed them out of failure.

Dib: No one simply called me crazy, I have done that but they're not human-like you.

(Zim, GIR, MIMI, and Tak proceed to fight Dib resulting in Dib eventually being defeated and thrown into a wall.)

Dib: *Tries to catch his breath* How did you get so strong?!

Zim: It doesn’t matter whether or not they're human you creep! What matters is that they had a personality and only wanted to protect innocent people! You're simply a force of Evil without any reason or purpose!

Dib: *smiles* perhaps I am.

(Dib then faints from exhaustion, as Zim glares at him and walks away with clenched fists, Tak stares in concern at Zim.)

Tak: Let's go Zim we need to fight the Irken Emperor!

GIR: MMMM, dust! Come on MIMI, I'm sure they is something fun to do.

(MIMI Rolls her eyes as she follows them, MIMI then turns around to see Dib has vanished without a trace.)

Emperor's Palace, day, inside

(Zim kicks down the door as he and his family proceeds to fight the guards to get to the emperor, all of the guards are knocked out.)

Emperor: Oh Crud, they're going to overthrow me, Uh Ms. Bitters.

(We see Ms. Bitters eating some sandwich)

Ms. Bitters: *Mouthful* Yeah.

Emperor: Do you're stuff.

Ms. Bitters: *Gulps down food*Certainly.

Tak: What are you?

Ms. Bitters: I am the creator of the universe and spinner of the life itself! My first name is Zarathustra I never wanted any of you so I shall now destroy you!

Zim: Bring it on!

(Zim, Tak, MIMI, and GIR battle Ms. Bitters, after some time of fighting Ms. Bitters manages to knock out Tak, but Zim, GIR and MIMI eventually hit her so hard she flies through the ceiling and exits the atmosphere)

GIR: Is Tak alright, Zim?

Zim: She's fine, just needs some rest.

(As the Emperor flees, Dib enters the room revealing he's still alive. He smiles.)

Dib: this is just between, you and me Zim! I will finally prove that I'm right!

Zim: Get Tak to safety. This is just between me and Dib!

GIR: Yes Zim!

(Zim summons the Voot Runner as GIR and MIMI flee with a knocked out Tak.)

Zim: I'm willing to end your reign of terror.

Dib: Zim, I'm going to destroy everything that isn't human in the universe and make humanity the dominate species.  

Zim: Just because you dislike Aliens, you do realize that I only wanted to conquer earth to make it a better place for people to live in, not out of hatred or megalomania.

(Zim and Dib proceed to fight one another eventually, after a long battle, Zim manages to defeat Dib and send him flying into the Emperor's throne.)

Dib: H-how could I have been defeated by an Alien. I will not be defeated by something that isn't human!

Zim: Dib, I have had enough of your destruction, this ends now.

(Zim blasts Dib with an energy weapon destroying him completely. As the Emperor drops his crown and runs a group of Irkens fight over the crown. As Zim walks away.)

Voot Runner, Inside

(We see GIR and MIMI tending Tak, Zim teleports and proceeds to pilot the ship. We see the following scene.)

GIR: Aww, he cares about her.

(We see MIMI wiping some tears away. As they pass the Sun they see Ms. Bitters stuck on it.)


Zim's Base, Night, Inside


(We GIR and MIMI partying, GIR then realizes something.)

GIR: Hey MIMI, Where's Zim and Tak?

(MIMI shrugs her shoulders. They continue partying.)

Park, Night

(We see Tak sitting on a swing, Zim appears behind her.)

Zim: We have been through so much together, Tak.

Tak: Zim, do you still love me? Even after all the problems we have been through.

Zim: YES!!! I always was attracted to you in college, and I always will. I when we had to fight one another I became sad because I thought I lost you forever. No matter what problems we face, I shall be by your side when we face them together.

(Zim sits down on the swing and responds with the following scene.)

Tak: I will be with you too Zim.

(They smile at one another on the swing and decide to gaze at the stars)

End Credits:



. The Entire film was inspired by the book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Friedrich Nietzsche, In fact Ms. Bitters' fist name is directly taken from the book and the idea of having Dib dressed as a jester came from the fact that a Jester accompanies the main character of the book

. The scene where Ms. Bitters complains about not getting a happy ending was inspired by a scene in Disney's Hercules where Hades does the same thing


The Irken Empire Shall be victorious

It's time for The Irken Empire Hour, Today's broadcast will feature Wario's Political beliefs and thoughts...

...Oh Right

Zim's Theme

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Government Concil
Government Concil

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PostSubject: Re: Invaders Zim and Tak vs. The Irken Emperor: Thus Spoke Ms. Bitters   Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:59 pm

this was a lot of fun to read!!!!!!!!!!
The opening poster lol lol! lol! lol! .
The opening theme song cool.

Yes I was surprised about the court jester affraid affraid affraid affraid affraid but good choice. I like how you explained how he got to the present.

Ms Bitters funny stuff plus some moves when she could teleport around etc.
The script was good.

I like the image of them in a spacecraft. Space with the colors especially purple-really cool flower  flower 

All in all fun script, music and images.
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Invaders Zim and Tak vs. The Irken Emperor: Thus Spoke Ms. Bitters
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